Monday, June 1, 2015

Weekly Stitching (finally)

There was a reason why I held off on posting my weekly you ever get to that point where, even if you just have a few more stitches to go, you just can't go on? That was me Sunday night. Despite the fact that I was a hair's breath from finishing the row, I was pooped and just couldn't make it through. It only took me twenty minutes of stitching tonight to finish it though and I've been able to move on down the scroll. Here is where I left off last post:

And here is the row finish which took me 179.10 hrs (a totally unacceptable amount of time, but I aim to do better next row):
Now that I've made it through that awful confetti on the spinning wheel, I'm really excited about this project again, so much so, I've put off starting my Disney castles (at least for now). Exciting things ahead in this next row!


Linda said...

I think its fantastic that you got that much stitching done in 179 hours. It would take me 179 days.


Annie said...

It's looking wonderful! You're doing beautiful work.
The next row should really see them come to life!

Tiffany Pincombe said...

That looks fantastic! The spinning wheel must have been a pain to look so amazing now. Good luck with the next row.

Miamina said...

That looks awesome! Well done :)