Sunday, May 10, 2015


The days are dragging on bit by bit and I have managed some stitching, but considering this update consists of two weeks instead of one, my progress should be a lot better. I've been trying to stitch as normal, but my attention span is next to nil and instead I stitch a bit, play with Bam a bit, eat, play with Bam some more and sometimes I stitch again, sometimes I don't. For the first week, I was unable to get back in my chair, Zach's presence still weighs heavily, so stitching had to be limited to those projects easily stitched on the couch, without proper lighting or the set up to stitch "right". That means the two projects on 18ct Aida, Tartan B and the Once Upon A Time Sampler were my only options.

Up first, Tartan B...we left off here:
and I'm now here:
I was really happy with changing out the blue for a brighter color, but it's now kicking me...the green and the new blue don't meld as well as the black and the blue. It's too late to start over (again) though, so I'll just live with it.

The OUAT Sampler left off here:
and got to here:
Again, I'm heading into failure territory. I had the bright idea to "sparkle up their fairytale outfits with Light Effects thread, but it's backfiring on me horribly. Again, I'm too far gone to start over, so deal I must.

I did finally regain custody of my chair, but I figure it's why I'm so restless, I feel like I don't belong in it. Kind of like sleeping in the bed again...we did try the bed one night, but promptly moved back to the couch. When I wasn't waking up every five minutes thinking Zach needed help getting on the bed, then I was having nightmares about his death. So I decided I'm just not ready to sleep in the bed just yet. The couch is tolerable and I keep my house comfortable enough that a light blanket is fine (I don't like sheets anyway and only use a bottom sheet on the bed...I tangle easily). At least chair means I could go back to the 28ct projects. I would have never believed it before, but I do much prefer stitching on 28ct.

The project that got the bulk of my attention was Alice and the Bouguereau Princesses. I tried hard to finish the row, but got no where near it. I left off here:
and got to here yesterday:

Today I gave up on Alice and the B's and moved back to Maleficent. If you remember, I finished the row last time:
And in an entire day, this is all I managed to get done:
but you might notice a familiar shape starting to appear in the middle, so not an entirely wasted day.

I've been trying to get back to normal. T and I went to see Avengers yesterday and it was AH-MAZ-ING! Not only was it three and a half hours of a complete brain shut down, but it was really one hell of a movie...quite possibly my favorite of the entire bunch so far. It was nice to get out although I was really anxious to get back to Bammers. Now that we are in storm season, his days are even more stressful (he's terrified of them). I can sneak him into work sometimes, but not all the time and I he needs to learn to fend for himself somewhat (although I did find myself on Petfinder more than once last week and that's something neither of us really need right now...for now, we just need each other). I think Bam is really enjoying having all the attention to himself now. Zach never was the "loving" sort and it was hard to snuggle with him...Bam is the snuggle king, even more than Zander was. I think he'll just react badly to expanding our family, at least right now.

I did get a massive shock when I went to our pet page at our vet's office and Zach has been removed from my account. How dare they. Once I have my real self back, they are going to hear about it. Once I find another vet in town that takes CareCredit, they are getting dumped.

But enough's time to try to get back to normal (or as normal as I can be). I'm still not ready for Disney Reviews though, just not yet.


Linda said...

Time will heal Keiley. You'll get there when your ready. I love all of the pieces that you've been working on and making great progress.


Miamina said...

I'm pleased you are taking your time and doing things at your own speed.

Please don't feel bad about the stitching progress, the fact that you are doing any at all is a massive credit to you.

Lots of love to you and Bam!

Tiffany Pincombe said...

Good for you to try your chair and bed again. The bed will clearly take awhile, and that's okay. I'm incensed they would take Zach's photo down too! Why don't they have a Memorial page or add "in memory" to his photo? That's horrible to just remove it like that!

Kudos to starting on Malificent herself and maybe that will help your stitching interest as well.

Patti said...

I read your blog but I don't think I have ever left a comment. I just want to send hugs to you because I know how you feel. I had to put down my furbaby in January and it was the hardest thing I have ever done. I wish I could get another puppy, but I can't at this time. I feel for you and I hope each day will get better. ((((Hugs))))

Patti said...

Oh I forgot to say that I hate stupid vet offices!! I received a postcard saying my Reggie was overdue for a dental cleaning, after he had passed (and was told before he passed that he wasn't healthy enough to endure anesthesia)!!! I called them irate saying to take him off their damn mailing list!! Sorry your vet removed Zach from their website- inexcusable!

Heather said...

Yay horns! It may not seem like a lot of progress but it is. That's a lot of counting. I like the green on tartan I'm not sure if it looks like that in real life but I didn't even notice it until you pointed it out and I still had to search.

Justine said...

I think you and Bam are making great progress Keebles. You've lost a member of your family and I've no doubt it will take a while to adjust and find new routines.
I'm so glad to see some stitching from you and I think your tartan looks great, very Scottish! My maiden name (Allan) is Scottish though we aren't aware of any Scottish relatives.
You made fantastic progress on Alice and the Bs - and nice to see Maleficent making an appearance too!

Vickie said...

So sorry to hear about your loss That was cruel of the vets office. Your stitching is looking good...small steps