Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Disney Movies - Day 3

Continuing on with the challenge to watch every single Disney movie in my collection, my OCD is running strong. The original plan was one movie a night, but I've been watching them continuously since I started.

Since I fell asleep during Planes Monday night, I figured I needed to rewatch it. I did make it through it last night, but it wasn't easy! That movie is just bad on just about all levels. It wasn't the first time I had ever seen it, but I think it gets worse the more you watch it. There is really no need in even discussing it.

The only highlight of that disc, was the special features and the profiles of the characters, specifically Ashani. I LOVED this clip! I'm not a Bollywood fan per se, but how they animated this short was pretty darn cool. I managed to find it on YouTube for your enjoyment:

I counted the character profiles as one short and they portrayed a deleted scene as a short, so I counted it also, meaning there were two shorts on the Planes disc.

Expecting the worst from Planes: Fire and Rescue, I piddled quite a bit before putting that disc in and even debated skipping it all together considering. But I'm glad I did decide to watch it, because this movie is how the first Planes should have been! It had gripping storylines, good action, and I actually started liking Dusty Crophopper by the end of the movie.

There were actually more shorts on this sequel disc than the original movies and I'm going to say there were four total.

Once I finished the Planes series though, I kind of realized I had been living in boy-centric Disney movie-land, so I decided I needed a heavy dose of girly Disney. I've been craving Tangled for a while anyway, and considering it is my second all-time favorite Disney movie, I was more than happy to watch it. Again, I'm not going to rehash my gripes with computer vs hand-drawn animation, but Tangled is the exception to the CG rule. They actually made an effort to make the backgrounds look like hand-drawn and it shows. There hasn't been an equivalent since and, trust me, I'm watching.

I'm also often quoted saying that Frozen is no Tangled and I mean it. For me, Frozen just doesn't have the depth that Tangled does (and I like the music in Tangled better, blasphemy, I know). As I've said many times, I'm old school...I prefer the boy-girl romance dynamic to the girl-power dynamic any day. The guy/prince element in movies today is just to serve as arm-candy. Granted, I get the whole "teach girls to be strong and independent" theory, but in actuality, what is it teaching boys? IF they aren't needed because we can take care of ourselves, then why should they even bother being chivalrous? I kind of like chivalry and I hope it sticks around for a long time although I can't honestly remember the last time I met an honorable man (I'm sure they exist, just not in my neck of the woods). But enough soapbox and on with the trailer:

The icing on the Tangled cake is Tangled Ever After, a short sequel to the movie. Although it was shown before the remastered Beauty and the Beast, it's on the Diamond Edition Cinderella Blu-Ray. I think Disney does shorts better than any other company and this is a prime example. I actually managed to find the entire clip on YouTube (for those that haven't seen it).

I'm not sure where my challenge will take me tonight, I'm not in the mood for any specific genre right now. Hopefully I will have a plan by the time work is done!

Live Action - 4
Full-Length Animated - 8
Animated Shorts - 23


Linda said...

Love reading your reviews Keiley.


Kate said...

We've been rewatching a lot of our Disney DVDs lately, too. My daughter's a big fan of the Planes movies, and she thinks the second one is much better, too. Tangled is great, but we don't own that one so haven't seen it too many times. We watch Frozen a lot, though.

Tiffany Pincombe said...

Hmm, I have yet to see Tangled, and your review makes me more interested to give it a shot. I have the same issue with CGI and got fed up with it. It's good to know they made an effort in Tangled.