Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March IHSW is this weekend!

I'm not sure why I get so excited about the International Hermit and Stitch Weekend every month, after all, every single weekend of mine is pretty much an IHSW. You can sign up on Joysze's Blog, Random Ramblings HERE.

Since we still have at least two more weeks of watching Miranda in Needle Club before I can officially retire watching videos, Rainy Wedding is going home this weekend for hermitting. If I don't manage to finish the row on Maleficent, she will get some attention, but I really want to start CloudsFactory's Once Upon A Time chart this weekend, so I'm going to try hard to get Maleficent's first row finished before Friday.

We are also going to see Cinderella this weekend, so that's going to cut a chunk out of my hermit-time, but not much hopefully. I need to give my boys a haircut, but that will have to wait until next weekend (which is what I've been saying for two months now...I've have to add pics of them with my stitch progress, they are total hippies right now!). I've got a good feeling about March's IHSW and I can't wait to see everyone's progress!

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Vickie said...

I am on spring break this week so I hope to make lots of progress on my Faery Tales