Sunday, March 22, 2015

March IHSW and TUSAL

Let's kill two birds with one stone here. First up, March's TUSAL pic for the month, hiding in "pen world":

We didn't go to see Cinderella this weekend because poor T-Boo was sick, so I had plenty of time to stitch. I started with Maleficent and I left off here:
started the weekend here:
and got to here:
It took 131.33 hrs to finish the row, a bit too much. Hopefully the next row will go quicker. Once I accepted the dithering (although I still don't like it), it did start to move quicker and I love the appearing forest (although I can't look at it too closely because I keep seeing the checkerboard). But hey, that's 7 pages down and 42 more to go and the next row has Maleficent's head, so exciting times ahead!

I also started a new project, a Once Upon A Time sampler from Cloudsfactory. I had trouble getting into it because I really wanted to start row 2 on Maleficent (but I held off), so this one also moved slow. After 4.65 hrs, I got this far:

Lastly, I decided to finish that pesky little eye on Rapunzel for Alice and the Bouguereau Princesses. I left off here:
and made it here for a total of 78.87 hrs:
She's still a little "ghost-like" creepy, but at least I'm close to moving on to the next princess, I just have to finish the right side of her head and then it's Aurora's turn.

I also did about 10 minutes of stitching on Rainy Wedding during Needle Club this week. Only one more week of video watching before we can get back to full on stitching. I left off here:
and, even though you probably can't tell too much of a difference, it's now here at 27.85 hrs:
And that's it for the weekend. I did get more done that I thought I would, so I'm pretty happy with the progress, despite the length of time it took.


Aubs Ogrady said...

WOW! AMAZING progress!
I so wish I could stitch like you!

Linda said...

Amazing progress on all of the Keiley. I am going to get that Once Upon a Time for my husband. That's one of his favorite shows.


Bea said...

Productive IHSW! Those are terrific projects and you're doing well on all of them.

Heather said...

Great job I especially like maleficent. I'm hoping to watch Cinderella tonight we haven't had a chance to go

Cindy from Artists for Hire said...

That is some great progress! Of course, I like the HAED ones the best.

Miamina said...

Bloody hell....that's amazing. How on earth do you manage to get so much done?? Well done on a massive amount of progress!

Tiffany Pincombe said...

Woohoo! Congrats on finishing the row, that's excellent! And nice progress on the rest as well.