Thursday, March 5, 2015

Fan Videos Part 2

It's been a couple of interesting days. We FINALLY got snow! Not ice, not sleet (although it did start out that way), but we got full-fledged, white, beautiful snow!
We also got a day off from work because the roads were so bad...that NEVER happens!
And I would be remiss to mention that tomorrow is my baby Sister's B-day. So Happy B-day Am, have a Disney day!
But let's get on with the American half of my favorite fan videos, shall we?

Weaning myself off of Veronica Mars has been a struggle and watching these videos again has stirred it all up. I think I'll probably be watching the series again this weekend for the 14th time. The thing I like most about this vid is the fact that it mixes the show and the movie. Not a lot of them do that. It also focuses on the Veronica/Logan dynamic. It's probably my favorite on-screen couple ever, even if they have trouble staying together, they always end up that way.

I've already posted my two favorite Once Upon A Time videos, but I am a bit obsessed with Snow and Charming at the moment and this video I really like because there is no David and Mary Margaret drama (their Storybrooke counterparts-long story for those that don't watch the show). I also really like the literal aspects to this video. Normally, I don't like literal that much, but it works well in this case:

This one is a bit ticky because, well, it's the only fan video left on YouTube. Wings was my favorite show for so many years and I've seen more than just this one video, but they all must be gone now. But, this one ain't half bad, especially since the first minute or so is, what I consider, the absolute best marriage proposal ever on TV. Wings is still in syndication and you can still watch it...of course I have the entire series on DVD, so maybe, if I ever decide to make one of these things, Wings will be my first test subject:

I've always loved ER as well. I watched it back in the day when it was actually on (if the Wings reference didn't show my age, then this does) and I just finished rewatching the DVD's after several years (which is why I'm posting more than one). I was always obsessed with the idea of Carby (long before Bragelina, there was Carby) and was so mad they didn't end up together...they were my perfect TV couple when I was growing up. This last rewatching stint kind of made me realize that it was more of a love of the characters themselves rather than their relationship. Now I kind of see they really didn't have much passion between them (unless they were fighting). This video kind of hits that point home even more:

As a bonus, since I'm now on the Lubby track, here's an Abby and Luka video. I like this one because Abby and Luka were together first, then Abby and Carter, and eventually Abby finds her way back to Luka. This video (although the sound editing ain't all that great), shows the entire progression (albeit a bit out of order):

And, I can't forget my other favorite ER couple, Ray and Neela. I have always loved Shane West, ever since A Walk To Remember. I don't think a TV couple had a harder time than Ray and Neela. He loved her practically from day one, but she married someone else who died in Iraq. He waited patiently for her to get over that only to watch her move on to someone else. Just when she was starting to wake up, he got run over by a truck, lost both legs, and ended up moving back to his hometown. But they kept in touch until she finally decided she couldn't live without him and she went to him. Soapratic, yes, but absolutely lovely!

Since it seems my fan video watching tends to revolve around the couplings, let's go to another favorite show of mine that rarely centers around romance. This is a relatively new one I've found, but I absolutely love the song (although I'm not a big fan of the big advert at the end of the video):

Coming up with videos for five different American shows was hard! Sure, I can quickly pull up about a hundred V Mars or Once videos, but I had to dig a bit to the old days to find some. And I do tend to watch them for the couples. I didn't realize that until I did these two posts. What can I say, I may be a loner, but I have a romantic heart!

So, as an added bonus, and since I mentioned it earlier, how about one from the only Nicholas Sparks movie I actually liked (and one of the few movies that I liked WAY better than the book). I have watched this movie more times than I can count, but I rarely watch it past the wedding (and those that have seen it will know why)...kind of like watching The Notebook at the end, you just don't.

So that's it! The April A to Z Challenge is getting closer and my prep work has begun. I think March 28th is the reveal date for our themes, so I still have a bit of time to do more Disney Reviews, quite a bit of stitching on my WIPs, and just generally being annoying!

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