Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Fan Videos - Part 1

My little side note on my stitching post about fan videos got me to thinking. I will typically search them out when I've watched a good show that I love (or rewatched it for the umptenth time). I wondered what my top five all-time favorite fan videos were, but I couldn't narrow it down to five, unless I divided it into British five and American five. My heart can't merge the two because they are two different worlds to me. Since I have about a 10 to 1 ratio of British DVD's to American, then it's safe to say that the Brits should come first, especially since I've been on a massively huge Miranda kick lately. So let's start there.

I recently found a really good one that merges all three series and the finale together (a problem you run across sometimes when a show was still in progress at the time of video creation). I really thought I didn't like James Blunt, but this song is perfect for the clip and I really like the videos that do have a bit of the dialogue in the background. So, without further ado:

And I think I have a thing for the gorgeous guy and the not-so-perfect female because my other favorite couple is Harry and Geraldine from the Vicar of Dibley. I have been a Richard Armitage fan for years and this was my favorite of all his roles:

And for my third choice, I realize I definitely have a theme when it comes to Brit tele. My Mad Fat Diary is way too close to my own personal childhood, fat and extremely troubled (if only I would have had the absolutely gorgeous Northerner totally in love with me...I do so LOVE a Northerner! Such fun! - sorry, I'm on a Miranda kick right now).

I've never hid the fact that I am a Whovian. Tom Baker may have been my first doctor, but David Tennant will always be MY doctor and there was no better companion (at least in my opinion) than Rose. They ended their story beautifully (or as good as an "ending" can be), and I've always wondered if they would ever bring back the Human Doctor and Rose. I imagine them living happily ever after in their alternate universe with two or three quarter-Gallifreyans running around. And since I'm in a Miranda commenting mood, don't think I don't remember that Tom Ellis was on Doctor Who (then again, who wasn't?) during the Martha year...the only thing that saved that entire year, but not for this video:

The show that pretty much started my Brit DVD collecting was Spooks (or MI5 for the American audience). My three absolute favorite Brit men led this show. Normally, the song in this video would shut be right off...a bastardized version of my beloved Depeche, but it fits so well with the clips, I kind of like it!

And, as an added bonus, my three favorite British men are also my three favorite English literature heroes...Wentworth, Thornton and Darcy, so how about a bonus Period Drama clip. Granted, the song makes me cringe a bit, but honestly, after about half a minute, I'm not listening anyway because what's better than Richard Armitage, Rupert Penry-Jones, and Matthew Macfadyen as sexy spies? Richard, Rupert, and Matthew in cravats (I do so love a man in a cravat) It reminds me of my ideal man...a broody Northerner, preferably Mancunian, in a cravat professing his undying love from the mount of a horse! Guess it's not a wonder I'm divorced and will forever be single, the Captain Wentworths and John Thorntons of the world are all gone (I never was a big Darcy fan, but I do make the exception for Matthew).

I really enjoyed watching these videos again, some after quite a while and some for the very first time (and some for the first time tonight but definitely not this week...aka the Miranda one, I'm REALLY hung up on Tom Ellis right now). Thanks to the people who create these things. It is an art form for sure!

Other than the Once Upon A Time vids, it's been a long time since I've looked for my American shows, so I'll be interested to see if they still exist. If not, Part 2 might be a short list!

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