Thursday, January 1, 2015

Rainy Wedding and other things

First off, thanks to everyone for your support! And for those wondering about my Disney series, I'm still on the fringes of Post-Disney Depression, but I'm halfway through with our vacation pictures, so maybe in the next couple of months, I'll be ready to start it back up again. For now it's pretty much all stitching, all the time, so speaking of which...

I debated on how to measure this year's progress, and thanks to my job's need to keep me "trained" on the doc's toys, I now have a new iPad and several new stitching apps to help things along. I've decided to count my project's progress in hours instead of weeks worked. It will be more accurate and I will be able to see how much I actually spend on stitching.

I brought Rainy Wedding home to work on today since we are yet again without a Needle Club due to holidays. But, aside from that and the initial two hours spent at Needle Club a few weeks ago, I'm now at 9.55 hrs progress on it.
I'm finding that working on a horizontally oriented project versus a vertically oriented one is much harder. Because I have to wind it up different on the scroll rods, the project is longer and I can't use my preferred lap stand, I have to use a floor one. Which means I'm sitting uncomfortably in my chair, hunched over, reaching weirdly underneath. It makes it difficult to stitch for long periods of time like I can with a lap stand (and it also might explain some of the hate I'm feeling toward A Summer Ball, which is also horizontal). I'm also not digging using two threads again. I much prefer using's less mess and less hassle, especially with heavily confettied projects like this one. But I'm really glad I went with 18ct Aida for this one. I love the pixelated look that it's giving it (and it's nice not to have to use the magnifying light for once) and I really think this is going to work out really well, so despite all the hurdles, I'm still happy with its outcome.

Although I didn't participate in the TUSAL last year, I did keep my threads. Compared to previous years, I definitely did a lot more work this year. Here's this year's progress:
tusal 14

And here it is compared to the last couple of years (yes, for some strange reason I'm still keeping these leftover threads...chalk it up to the OCD):
tusal total 14

I've also been working hard to break my Veronica Mars habit. My DVD's are currently loaned out to someone else. I got the 9th series of Supernatural, so I started watching them all from the beginning (again) to slow things down. I also got the 5th series of Vampire Diaries and plan to watch the entire series through of those as well. But, if I'm honest, if my V. Mars DVD's were within reach, I'd still be watching them right now.

Speaking of my "issues", I finally got my new Take That CD, after several delays from Amazon UK. I do like it, but it's so perky, it's hard for me to listen to right now in my current state of unrest, so it's not time for me to review it yet. I'm just a bit more Asper than usual lately. Sure, being uber Asper makes for great stitching, but not so good for the rest of me. 2015 so far isn't much different than 2014. Which brings me to the resolution segment of this post. It's a very short list this year, I'm sticking to the things I know I can more trying to be sociable or making more of an effort to do things I don't want to do, just the basics.

1. It's time to get back on the diet track. I did pretty good today, so I've got to keep it up when I get back into the "real world". It's easy to be good locked in the safety of my house.

2. Exercise. I like exercise when I get used to doing it, but it's the getting used to it part that sucks. I always feel better mentally when I exercise too, so that will definitely be a good thing. I say I'm going to start that next week, but we'll see.

3. Stop spending money like I have it because I don't.

And that's it...short, sweet, and simple (hopefully)! Right now I'm so excited about starting Maleficent tomorrow! I just hope I can leave work as early as I planned.


Miamina said...

Great start on the Rainy Wedding! I can't wait to see Maleficent stitch up too!

Linda said...

Rainy Wedding looks great Keiley. That is a whole lotta floss.


Justine said...

You're off to a great start with Rainy Wedding. I love the colours in that one. Can't wait to see Maleficent. I think your boss should let you leave work extra-early so you can start on her!

Vickie said...

Rainy Wedding looks great. I have to work vertical...horizontal would drive me nuts! I started my diet on the first. Right now I am going through caffeine withdrawals and it is horrible. I bought a Minnie Mouse Journal to write down my appointments and how much money I spend in a day and where I spend it!! I LOVE IT!!!