Monday, October 20, 2014

More stitch work

Didn't do much last week other than work, work, work with a bit of stitching in-between, so I spent most of the weekend doing nothing but stitching!

Started Monday here:

And ended here last night:

I probably could have gotten a bit farther, but I had to watch last night's Once Upon A Time about twelve times and I couldn't get back into stitching once I finally calmed myself. The OCD has to be directed somewhere now that there's not a definite Disney trip on the horizon, Hook and Emma have my undivided attention!


Justine said...

Love the detail in this one, and the 3d effect of the mattresses. Beautiful.

Linda said...

Wonderful progress Keebles. It still amazes me at how much you get done in a week.


Emma/Itzy said...


Miamina said...

Looks amazing!