Monday, October 13, 2014

Disney and Weight

The one area of Disney that I can speak about at this point is how different it is going with a normal body weight versus going as my usual fat self. I have never been thin and never will be, but I am smaller than I have ever been (even if I packed it on a bit during vacation), and it made a noticeable difference on my trip.

Here's my top 5 most-improved Disney experiences being smaller:
5 - Not having to turn sideways to get through turnstiles
4 - Much easier to get in and out of rides
3 - People not looking at your weird for ordering fattening foods
2 - I could stand on a moving bus with no problems
1 - No foot pain or swelling in any way

And my top 5 least-improved Disney experiences being smaller:
5 - Having people smush me on buses rather than me doing the smushing
4 - Roller coaster ride bruises (aka Rock-n-Roller Coaster) way bigger
3 - Harder to sit on concrete or benches because no butt padding
2 - More clothes available in large vs 2xl and not being able to afford them
1 - Couldn't eat as much as I wanted to because I couldn't hold it all

This whole weight loss journey has been a disappointment overall because it hasn't been the "miraculous life-changing event" that everyone always touts weight loss to be. If anything, I've been questioning why I've put myself through all this in the first place simply because I have more problems now than I did before. My headaches get worse the more weight I lose and I've had to get rid of my entire wardrobe of clothing that I have been holding onto since high school (although that might not have been that horrible of a situation). I wasn't unhealthy before, but things are starting to creep up on me like my knee pain has gotten much worse and the loose skin is driving me mad. But the positive experiences I had in Disney World as a thinner person have solidified my resolve to stay a thinner person (even if it might take me forever to take off the extra weight I gained in Disney). My weight loss may not have changed my life completely, but it did help to make Disney World a bit better!


Linda said...
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Linda said...

Your weight loss is great Keebles. But, you should do whatever makes you comfortable.