Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Disney Reviews: Snack Edition #12 - Starring Rolls Bakery

Here is another bakery post with a selection that could not be chose between, so I'm generalizing here (like I did with Boulangerie Patisserie). Starring Rolls Bakery is located to the side of Hollywood Brown Derby:
2013 (12)-4469
2013 (12)-4470

It's very small on the inside and quite crowded, but still a great place for breakfast:
2013 (12)-4471
2013 (12)-4473

And we've eaten there a few times (although apparently our selections don't vary much):
2013 (12)-4472

The only bad catch is the lack of suitable seating. We often either have to sit on the concrete steps or on a brick fence. It's really not easy to eat pastries like that. But now that the expanded outdoor area at Hollywood Brown Derby is open, it does offer additional seating that a lot of people don't know about.

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