Wednesday, September 24, 2014


To say that things have been a bit crazy lately is an understatement as it is almost Disney time again! I've debated whether to pre-write enough Disney Reviews to cover me while I'm gone, but honestly, there just isn't time and since my mother is pup-sitting at my house, my little ones have to hide their "Dog with a Blog" capabilities from the strange human. So, I'm afraid this is adieu for a couple of weeks while I'm letting my inner Asper-child run free in Disney World! Despite the constant rain that the Florida forecast is calling for, I still aim to add exponentially to my Disney photo collection (while trying not to drown my camera) and will have not one, but two new resorts to show you, two new restaurants, a new ride, a couple of new shows, and who knows what else!

I leave you with stitching progress from the past few weeks (that I forgot to post - the Disney force is strong in this jedi princess). It ain't much, but it's something I guess. Once Disney is over with and I'm knee-deep in post-Disney depression, my stitching mojo will probably explode and it will be all that I will do for months!
QS Angel In Lilac - last post (several weeks back):

And where I made it to last Needle Club:

The Princess and the Pea - last post (I think):

here's where I got to several days ago:
Like I said, not a lot of progress, but it's better than nothing!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Disney Reviews: Show Edition #6 - Muppet Vision 3D

There are numerous 3D shows throughout Disney World. This one is my favorite! I am a child of the 70's, so therefore I am a Muppet child. It was an event to watch the Muppet Show and I still remember them to this day. This 3D show has all the best gags from the old show and a few more.

Located in Disney's Hollywood Studios, Muppet Vision 3D takes up a fair amount of space behind Star Tours and just across the way from Toy Story Pizza Planet:
2013 (10)-1153

The courtyard has all kinds of hidden treasures:
2013 (12)-4913
2013 (12)-4915
2013 (10)-1155
2013 (10)-1185
2013 (12)-4911

You could literally look around the queue forever and NEVER see everything:
2013 (12)-4916
2013 (10)-1158
2013 (10)-1159
2013 (10)-1160
2013 (10)-1161
2013 (10)-1162
2013 (10)-1163
2013 (10)-1164
It never set up the perfect shot and someone insists on walking right into frame:
2013 (10)-1165
2013 (10)-1166
2013 (10)-1167
P-I-G-S I-N S-P-A-C-E!
2013 (10)-1168
2013 (10)-1169
2013 (12)-4917
and I absolutely LOVE the pre-show...almost as much as the real thing!

The theater inside is gorgeous:
2013 (10)-1173
2013 (12)-4919
2013 (10)-1174
2013 (12)-4920

And, as per usual, it has a its own store and the hidden touches extend into it as well:
2013 (12)-4921
2013 (10)-1175
2013 (12)-4925
2013 (12)-4926
2013 (10)-1177
2013 (10)-1178

It really is an amazing show and it's great to see a new generation of Muppet fans leave the theater! Considering The Studios is sorely lacking in attractions and shows, it's worth it just for Muppet Vision 3D!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Disney Reviews: Shopping Edition #7 - Art of Disney Store

There are numerous Art of Disney Stores across Disney property, one in each park and the main one Downtown. For the purposes of this review, let's visit the one Downtown.

The best place to get Big Figs (giant Disney sculptures), character drawings (done by a genuine artist in residence), Disney artwork, sculptures, prints, figurines, Disney cross stitches, and pretty much any collectible you might want can be found at this store!

Located directly across from The Disney Days of Christmas Store:

This is another one of those places that I wish I had more pictures of, but sadly, this is the lot:
The only reason why I have these pictures is because I use them as a guide of things I might like to buy either on the trip or in the future. I have managed a couple of them throughout the years, but only a couple. Given unlimited funds, this would probably be the store that I could spend the most amount of money. Until that day, I will continue to walk around it in a daze, dreaming of all the places in my house that those pieces can fit!