Monday, July 28, 2014

The Princess And The Pea - Week 21

I did stitch a bit this week on Pea. It's been kind of hard getting back into the groove of stitching, especially since I've not been in the mood (and my head has been acting up again).

I ended Monday here:

And made it here tonight:

Not much progress and I'm a bit worried about the colors, but I'm sure once it's complete, it will make total sense.


Linda said...

Not much progress!!!!!! I would give anything to get that much stitching done in a week. It looks fantastic.


Heather said...

Hi I just discovered your blog and I'm adding you to my favorites. I'm a Disney fan and stitcher like you and am loving your progress. I can't wait to see more your princess and the pea looks great!

Miamina said...

Gotta love your definition of "not much progress"! You got loads done and you can see a difference. I've spent days stitching before now and you honestly can't tell!

Great work, won't be too long before it's all finished :P