Monday, June 23, 2014

Needle Club - Week 15

Yeah, I know this one is a bit late, but I took her home this weekend to work on her (I thought it was supposed to be the IHSW, but I guess it wasn't). I wish I could say that I got a lot done, but I didn't. I'm so deep in Disney-mode/Kate's visit-mode that my brain can't function on any other level.

But here is where I ended on Thursday night's Needle Club:

And, since I only really worked on her Saturday, here's Saturday's progress:

While I was at my Grandmother's house on Friday night, I did manage to snap a picture of the infamous "giant Jesus head" (which I've been meaning to do for ages):
Photo Jun 20, 7 09 40 PM

I remember how much I HATED working on that thing...never in my life have I ever seen so many browns in one location! It was a nightmare! There was actually supposed to be stitching in the background that gave him a "halo" effect, but I just couldn't stand it anymore and left as was. But I've been meaning to get this pic to add to my completed stash for years, so there he is!

On other fronts, I've managed to get all my pictures fixed, re-uploaded to Flickr, and all blog posts (I think) fixed with corrected picture links. If you should happen to run across an old one with a dead link, just let me know. Thanks to everyone who chimed in. It was pretty much a unanimous vote to wipe out the old albums, which I did, and I'm quite happy with the result. Plus, I managed to clean up thousands of unorganized pictures in Flickr and now everything is in its proper place!

I've also decided that the best way to move on from the Father's Day Funk (or FDF from now on) is to do some more Disney World-themed posts! I ran across quite a few old reviews of restaurants and resorts that I did in the beginning of my blogging days and I think it might be worth it to revisit some of these and update them (especially with better picture links). So, watch this space for more Disney World info and reviews!

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Linda said...

Wonderful progress Keebles. The Jesus piece is gorgeous.