Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I HATE the DisBoards!!

Still haven't heard anybody's ideas for handling my Disney pictures on one has anything?

On another front, I HATE the DisBoards. I've been a member of the Disney online community for as long as there has been a Disney online community and I'm on more boards than I care to admit (although rarely ever post, only read). What better way for an anti-social person to communicate with like-minded people! Granted, I tend to only frequent message boards when I'm planning a trip, but I'm still a card-carrying member. However, for the past several years, the DisBoards have been getting filled with more and more hateful people. You can't post anything without offending anyone and it seems like everyone else's mission is to offend you. And, when you have that many varying opinions and levels of dedication to something, there is bound to be conflict (and, half the DisBoard members have to be under 12, or so they act...they really need to set age limits like most boards do).

On a rare whim today, after reading a particularly desperate plea for help with character interactions by a social anxiety sufferer, I felt the need to chime in...after all, between the SAD, OCD, and Asperger's, I'm a wealth of information on how to handle such things! I took my time composing said post, laying out my details and how I handle said situations, and felt I had the perfect post when I hit the 'submit post' button.

It took all of five minutes for some jerk to make fun of me for my issues (or at least that is how I took it...judge for yourself HERE - I start on page 2). I don't know if they missed the part where I explained why I am the way I am or not, but my Asper-girl self kicked in and posted a response (I wish I could control my temper sometimes). I was more tactile than they were, but I'm still now checking the damn boards every two seconds for a response (which is why I figured I'd post about it whine away from the prying DisBoard eyes, to force myself to do something else than obsess about the stupid idiot, oh, and to get the last word in).

And people wonder why I'm anti-social, because I don't want to deal with people like that EVER! I would normally say "soapbox dismount" at this point, but I'm still teetering on the edge of it and can't quite step off just yet.


Rai Rai's Stitches said...

Your reply was succinct and eloquent. It looks like she apologized when she realized she had come off too harsh.

It's nice when people actually apologize when they realize they have been inappropriate. So few do these days - especially online.

Kate N said...

lol! I mean, its a bit funny? No.

Ok, so yeah, it was good that in response to you she was always apologetic and it seemed as though she had typed without thinking that what she was saying is (as this comment is) open to individual interpretation. You know me, so the start of this comment, I think you will laugh at but I am sure some people are shaking there heads at me (or not! who knows?)

You just keep being you! :)

Miamina said...

Honestly, it's hard to know. I don't THINK they were making fun, I just think they worded things badly and it came across wrong. I don think that between the 2 of you it was worked out, however the other person chipping in (Drama Queen!) was trying to more out of it that there was. You worded yourself very well (as always). I can see why you don't post much..geez!