Friday, May 23, 2014

Needle Club - Week 12

Another week down and some progress. For most of this Needle Club, I was by myself, so that awful confetti wasn't so bad because I wasn't trying to stitch and talk (since, apparently, I'm utter crap at doing both at the same time):

On the home stitch front...I was so looking forward to finishing the Disney picture DVD so I could get back to stitching on Pea, but, as I was actually creating the DVD's, I realized that I never made one for my October trip. Plus, since I now know how to use Lightroom (kind of) properly, I'm thinking I want to redo the pics from October before I do a DVD. and my stupid projects! By the time I get these done, this year's trip will be over with and the whole process will start again. Hopefully though, I can get Pea done before then because Alice and the Bouguereau's is nipping at Pea's heels as well as my subconscious. I REALLY want to start it!

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Linda said...

More wonderful progress Keebles.