Thursday, May 8, 2014

Needle Club - Week 10/Disney Pic woes

I can't believe I've been working on this project for 10 weeks and this is as far as I've gotten! I know it's only three hours a week, but I'm 19 weeks into Pea and she's two-thirds finished (and she's a full-sized project and not a quick stitch!). I still haven't finished row 1 of Angel.

But anyhoo, here is Angel in Lilac for this week:

On the Disney pic front, there is something about planning a Disney trip that changes my entire demeanor. I have a sense of purpose now, and although I haven't started the official planning yet, I still feel motivated in a way I haven't been in a very long much so that I started working on December's Disney pictures again instead of stitching this week. Oh, by the way, did I mention I'M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD?!?! I can't afford it, but I've scraped, begged, and borrowed, and have found a way. To make it even better, my friend Kate is coming over to visit and is going with me! All of my friends (but one - my beloved Tony) are cyber friends, but Kate will be the first I will have ever met in person. Hope she doesn't end up hating me...I can be hard to take in "real life" (or so I'm told...I see it more as I find others hard to take, but there you go).

Concerning the pictures though, I checked on my work so far, and I was 6 memory cards down out of 8. I finished the 6th card and decided to check the other cards work. One was good, but 2 through 5 were empty folders! All the work I had done in Lightroom on those 4000+ pictures had just disappeared into thin air! I literally cried. Worse still, I remembered why they disappeared. You have to export the folder when you're done and I didn't do that. I always delete the temp folders for Lightroom when I finish because they take up a ton of space, so once I deleted the folder, all the changes (that I didn't export) were gone. Great. Thank goodness I am OCD and have numerous saved copies of the originals in various locations, or I could have lost those as well!

But I decided to just get stuck in and start again. I knew enough about Lightroom to adjust the pictures, but I had trouble with the straightening and healing tools, so I ended up spending all Tuesday night watching training videos on YouTube learning how to use the software properly. Since I learned new tricks, I ended up deleting all my card 1 and card 6 edits (the only edited pics I had) and started all over. It's going much easier now (funny how "knowing" what you are doing makes such a big difference) and I expect to be done with all of them in a couple of weeks. But it's definitely gonna cut into my stitching time.

I still swear my Microsoft Picture It and know it inside and out. I use it all the time at home and work for various reasons. It's one of the main reasons I won't upgrade my computer past 7 (although it's technically not supposed to work with 7 either)...well that and Windows 8 sucks. I had originally planned to edit the pics in Lightroom, then go all the way back through them to straighten them in Picture It. Now I don't have to do that (but don't worry Picture It, I still love you and will continue to use you for other things!).

Speaking of love, I'm also having a horrible time getting my sister to give me her memory card. She won't respond to my texts for some stupid reason. If she didn't have all the pics of us together (there are no pics of me on my camera (obviously because I took them), I wouldn't worry about them, but I remember some of them and I know they will be good. She doesn't read my blog anymore, so any pleas here fall on deaf ears as well. Granted, I'm no stranger to being shunned by my own father hasn't spoken to me in 8 years, but I expect better out of her (especially since she's the biggest detractor of my father for that very reason). I love my sister more than every other member of my family (well, besides my father), but it doesn't mean she doesn't grate on my nerves sometimes (and I hers, obviously, or else she would respond to me). So Am, if you are reading this, GIVE ME THE DAMNED CARD SO I CAN GET THIS SHIT FINISHED! YOU CAN HATE ME LATER FOR WHATEVER I'VE DONE TO PISS YOU OFF. USE AN INTERMEDIARY IF YOU DON'T WANT TO GIVE IT TO ME DIRECTLY...I DON'T FRIGGIN CARE, I JUST NEED THE BLOODY CARD!

Wonder if she heard that? Soapbox dismount.

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Nice progress Keebles.