Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Mad World - Chapter 2 Redux

If you've been keeping up with me, you've noticed that I've been doing a blog series on the book Mad World by Lori Majewski and Jonathan Bernstein from my point of view. Well, I guess I was so excited last week to do Duran Duran, that I jumped the gun a little bit. Duran were actually Chapter 3 and Gary Numan was Chapter 2. Whoopsie! So, since I'm not a big Gary Numan fan, this one will be short.


I can't disagree with this choice for a very simple reason. Here in the states, Gary Numan was a one hit wonder and Cars was it. Back in my day, to hear other music from artists, you had to buy the singles or the vinyl or the newly created cassette tape. Sometimes they tested a video on MTV, but if it didn't show well, they never played it again. If they ever did play any other Gary Numan song, I never saw it. I was coming from music with broody, romantic, and deep lyrics (yes, all you naysayers, Duran Duran can be that way) and a song about Cars just wasn't what a young pre-teen girl wanted to hear, so Gary's album didn't make it into my collection. Besides, despite my penchant for men in makeup, Gary Numan kind of creeped me out a bit...Simon Le Bon he is not.


Next week we will be back on the good side with Chapter 4 - New Order (since Duran were technically Chapter 3) and, coincidentally my fourth favorite band of the New Wave era (can you guess the other two?).

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