Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Mad World - Chapter 1

I've already reviewed the book Mad World by Lori Majewski and Jonathan Bernstein (see review here), but I haven't been able to get it out of my mind. Granted, I already keep my car radio off Sirius First Wave, but my playlist at work has definitely been altered and I've caught myself, more than once, turning the TV to the New Wave radio station instead of watching a real show! It's been a while since I've been this passionate about music and I've been reminiscing quite a lot about my favorites.

As I mentioned in my review, I didn't necessarily agree with some of their choices. So, I thought I'd break down the artists featured in the book from my own point of view (and add a few of the ones I thought SHOULD have been in the book). Guess I'm missing the A to Z Challenge more than I thought I was because I seem to feel the need to serial blog (although, I can guarantee, I won't be doing this every day...maybe once a week).

But anyway, I'm planning on breaking down the book, chapter by chapter, giving their choices and then my rebuttal choice (or my agreeing choice). Chapter 1 was Adam and the Ants, so let's start there!


I don't remember this song from the 80's. It was more a retro greatest hits discovery at some point in the 90's. The first video I remember seeing of Adam and the Ants was Ant Music. I wasn't adversed to the new wave look by that point, I was a diehard Duranie, so guys in makeup and frilly shirts were what I was attracted to at the time (or as attracted as a pre-teen can be to a 20 something). But I have to admit, Adam Ant scared me at first, especially with the song Ant Music. I've always been a Southern prude at heart and the whole Indian-New Romantic, Jack-Sparrow'ed, football makeup, tribal chanting guy was a bit too much, even for my burgeoning teenage inner weirdo! I really didn't take much notice of Adam Ant until after he got kicked out of the band and started his solo career with Goody Two Shoes and Strip (can you imagine how freaked out my inner prude was by Strip, but I thoroughly enjoyed tormenting my parents with it!). The first video of the Ants that I remember liking was Prince Charming...it had that whole self deprecation theme that was so prevalent in my life at the time and I started noticing how hot Adam actually was. It was a wild and crazy video with a Robin Hood type theme (and a very strange synchronized dance routine), but still romantic and that little bit nutter that I really dug back then.

MY CHOICE: PRINCE CHARMING (sorry...couldn't find a good link to the real video so I'm making due with a live version)

As a side note, I thought I'd throw in my all-time favorite song from the artist as well. Adam's music got more mature during my post-college years and his humoring shock value look changed to more of a romantic gentleman (but still a bit self deprecating).

MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE ANT SONG (even if it was a song about Heather Graham) - WONDERFUL:

But overall, Adam Ant definitely deserved to be in the book...he defined a look and a style that was copied by the likes of Michael Jackson (Michael actually did have his coat made after asking where Adam got his), a musical style that was spun off of and formed other bands (Bow Wow Wow), and he left a trail of broken hearts all the way through half the actresses in Hollywood. A few years ago I read his autobiography, and his lifetime of dealing with his mental issues hit a bit too close to home (although I'm not bi-polar). I don't read many autobiographies, but I thoroughly enjoyed his. I'm just glad he's been able to work on himself enough to be able to get back out into the world and continue to make new music. He may look a bit rougher and plumper (but don't we all), but he's still got that "certain" something that keeps him interesting!


Next up...the big double D...the loves of my life...DURAN DURAN! I should warn you, that may be a pretty long post since I have a 30+ year history as a diehard Duranie!

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