Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend Stitching

I did work on 35th Anniversary Celebration a bit at the beginning of the week. It was great to see characters appear daily...this was last Sunday's progress where Mickey showed up:

And Cinderella started to show on Monday:

But come Tuesday, it was back to Princess and the Pea:

And got here by today:

I came close to finishing the blue layer, but not quite there and no where near finishing the entire row. I found myself spending the entire week obsessing over the work project, even while stitching on Pea. Hopefully, this week will be a much better Needle Club since we're not expecting horrible weather. Looking back on it, I may have had a better week on my own than I would have if the others had been there. I guess time will tell.

And I'm probably gonna cry like a baby in the morning when the alarm goes off...I absolutely HATE daylight savings time. I'm not the least bit sleepy right now. I still don't understand why we do this. It never gets easier to deal with getting up an hour earlier. The only benefit is being able to leave work while the sun is still up.


Linda said...

Wonderful progress on both pieces. Of course, I love the Disney one.


Jenilee said...

You are an incredibly fast stitcher! I was lucky if I could do 2500 stitches in a week, and that was working on it every day! Makes it fun to watch your progress though :)

Sew Wilde said...

Both of your projects are looking good! I hate daylight savings time too!


Cathy said...

I love the Celebration stitching. Beautiful!!