Monday, March 31, 2014

Ugh...the internet!

Yes, I know I'm extremely opinionated, often to the point of obsession (you could blame either the Aspergers or OCD for that). That's why I typically don't read comments about things I love because I tend to get quite upset sometimes (and I NEVER post comments anymore because I often get into a cyber war). But, because of the events last night, I've found myself scouring the web more than once today for more information and, since my blog is for my big mouth, I thought it best to post my comment here instead on numerous boards and websites (my anger level is pretty high right now). And it's been a while since I stepped on my very high soapbox, so here I go!

Those that watch Once Upon A Time (the only American show I watch regularly and actually like) got a shock last night, a major character died (and that's all I'm saying because you may not have watched the episode yet). OUAT fans knew it was coming, the creators told us in January a major character was leaving the show, we just didn't know which one. Yet the backlash on the news stories today has been atrocious to say the least, mainly because most people think the creators are pandering to the shippers of the OUAT community by making sure the pathway is clear for two other characters in particular to get together.

I'm not really a shipper fan and the whole concept is weird to me...the story goes where the story goes and changing it in your head or even in writing won't change the original (and, for those that don't know what shipping is, you take your two favorite characters, mush up their names, and create your own love stories based on those characters, aka Rump-Belle, Captain Swan, etc). And I thought I was paranoid and controlling! The shippers of the world take their character mash-ups VERY seriously and get offended if they don't get what they want (remember the whole Harry-Hermoine versus Ron-Hermoine issue? Even JK herself has come out and publicly said Harry and Hermoine should have been together...although I still think it was to appease the shippers...if she didn't like the Ron-Hermoine storyline, she shouldn't have wrote it).

Having said that, I am a huge fan of Jane Austen fan fiction, but I typically go for the modern re-tellings rather than the 'continuations of the stories' or the shipper stories. I have a huge collection of Jane Austen-inspired books and movies, but most of them are all modern day retellings. There are notable exceptions, "Lost In Austen" is one of my favorite mini-series of all time. I refused to buy the "Death Comes To Pemberley" books, but I did break down and watch the mini-series and I'm glad I did because I absolutely loved it (even more than the Austenland movie, which I have the book for and really like it...but the movie was lacking and even JJ Feild, our most recent Mr. Tilney, couldn't save it).

But I've gotten off the path I was trying to take here, so back on track...what angers me about the comments flying around today is the fact that people are focusing so much on the shipping aspect of Once, they seem to be missing a huge part of the Wicked Witch of the West/Oz storyline. What did the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, The Lion, and Dorothy all go to see the Wizard for? A heart, a brain, courage, and to go home. An actor wants to leave the show, what better way to tackle one of those quests than the character's death...and let me explain how.

The new curse has brought everyone back to Storybrooke and away from their home in the Enchanted Forest (or whatever land they are from)...aka Dorothy's Oz quest (although that is arguable because some characters prefer Storybrooke to the Enchanted Forest or wherever, so I'm not sure that is the right direction for the home link yet). We learned last week that the Witch took Charming's/David's courage by stealing his broken sword...aka the Lion's quest. She's made numerous comments about Rumple's brain...aka the Scarecrow quest. It makes sense that the best way to get a heart is to kill someone that is loved, ergo the bereaved loses their heart, and which better heart to take than that of a hero...which ties up the heart, aka Tin Man's quest. There still could be another "home" storyline if I'm wrong about the new curse theory and, since Dorothy's answer came from within, they could take it in that direction (maybe Regina finally finding her "home" with the Charmings or Robin Hood for that matter). Considering we're only 17 episodes down for the season and the way everything seems to occur in the last two episodes, there is still time to deal with that aspect (although they've got some explaining to do about where the memory potion for Emma came from, how Hook got out before the second curse hit, and the whole 'Cora is everybody's baby-mama' issues).

Granted, there was another shocking death on another show last week (which I don't watch) that had the internet all abuzz and my OUAT news is very little compared...but OUAT is MY show, so I'm more focused on it. There was also massive publication about Once Upon A Time In Wonderland getting cancelled (which is hilarious to me since it was only meant as a one season show anyway). I do watch Wonderland, but I honestly don't really care for it and I really only watch for OUAT crossovers (that supplement the storyline for OUAT).

Whether or not Wonderland characters will end up in Storybrooke remains to be seen since this series for regular OUAT is already finished. I figure that maybe they could carry over Jafar's character, but I can't see the others making it over and fitting in, especially since Wonderland is occurring in an entirely different time period. And I hope they don't try to do another spin off show because it was a bad idea from the get-go and that whole Neverland storyline suffered from the writer's pulling double duty (half a season of five characters fighting amongst themselves while trying to get through a forest got old after a while). There is a huge difference in OUAT this second part of series 3 versus the first and it almost feels like the first season all over again!

So shipper-obsessed commenters of the Once Upon A Time world...get a grip! The creators/writers have made it quite clear NUMEROUS times that public opinion won't sway their storylines (they apparently didn't change any Lost storylines for shippers, why start now?). It's over, the character is dead, onward and upward (but this is a fairytale world, so I wouldn't 100% rule out his return)! But, if I wanted to take a shipper's opinion, I'm glad the character died last night...they were in the way of another possible relationship that I kind of like the idea of! Where I differ is I'm willing to accept the decision of the writer's and follow the story accordingly. If I decide I don't like where it's going, I'll stop watching it. I've done it before with other shows (although, I have the feeling OUAT will be over long before I get sick of it...that show was made for this little Asper-Disney freak!).

Soapbox dismount...for now! It's time to start preparing for the April A to Z Blogging Challenge!


Miamina said...

I know I'm a bit late to the party on this post but I feel your pain...what's worse is that OUAT/OUATiW has been ditched and is no longer being shown :O I really hoped another channel would pick it up but sadly hasn't happened so I've only seen until the end of Season 2 of OUAT and none of OUATiW! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it'll appear on Netflix or Amazon IV at some point, failing that it's buy the DVD's.

I can't really comment on the storylines but they shouldn't be solely based on whose hooking up with who but on an action packed plot that poses questions and answers then along the way!

Sorry for my slight rant but I was gutted at not being able to watch shows and no-one else seems to care!

Clara Brooks said...

Being opinionated is fine, as long as you really know the things that you're giving comments to. Doing that kind of reaction post is really a big help to the movie industry, if ever someone who belongs to it will read it. Once Upon A Time is really a great masterpiece, right? I hope the positive sides of it will diminish your bad temper. In any way, I hope your internet connection is doing great now. Thanks for sharing that, Keebles! All the best to you!

Clara Brooks @ Telco World