Thursday, March 20, 2014

Needle Club-Week 3

We were a bit short this week versus last, but things moved along much quicker because I wasn't having to stop as much with interruptions:

I was really surprised to see her head already starting to appear. Definitely making me feel much better about a quick stitch! It was 6 or 7 pages in and a row down before my little Highland girl's head appeared. But the face will be the deciding factor on how I feel about it. And, with all the pink, I'm not so sure now that it's gonna look good in my very purple office.


Justine said...

Well done for sticking at the needlework club! So lovely of you to share our hobby. I think your new project will look great especially when you get to the purples.

Linda said...

I love pink and purple together. And her dress has some purple. I think it would look great. You made some nice progress this week.