Friday, February 14, 2014

The day that is today...

Today was that holiday that isn't polite to say in singleton conversation. I think I've mentioned (one or two times) in a very polite manner (yeah, right) how I feel about this day's celebratory practices.

This morning, bright and early ("bright" is never a moniker that will ever be associated with me, no matter the time of day, but I digress), I once again woke up with a headache that has now been present for four days...great, something else to look forward to today. I went about my routine tasks, getting ready for yet another "fun" day at work, but it wasn't long before my phone rang. The ringtone "Parachute" by Cheryl Cole only means one beloved bestest friend in the whole wide world...Tony. My first thought, "Oh my gosh, something has happened! Someone is dead!" (because he is also quite aware of my morning moods). But that's not why he called. He called to wish me a happy today (I still can't bring myself to say the word) since he forgot to email me this morning. Granted, my headache didn't disappear (or even dwindle a bit), but my mood sure improved! Is is true that the kindness of one person can make someone's day!

Later on, after arriving to work, the calls on the overhead pager started coming in..."so and so, come to the front please" and one after the other, loved-up co-workers came prancing back with their V-Day bounty in, candies, more flowers, more candies, etc, etc. Some were obviously bought at the local quick shop and some cost more than my paycheck, but it wasn't long before this place started to smell like an old lady drowned in rose perfume. I did expect this, in our entire building there are only three, of course, and a divorced woman close to sixty who still acts married to her ex-husband (although he is married to someone else), and another girl, who's attitude will pretty much guarantee she will never get anyone (well, not without paying for it, and even then she still might have trouble-can you tell I don't like her?).

I went about my daily duties, ignoring the banter of the masses, "Oh, your flowers are so pretty!" "You're man is so wonderful", blaa blaa blaa. I had to step out for a bit (it is payday, afterall, and we don't get to do direct deposit here) and returned to find that I too had received a delivery (and thank god I wasn't here and had to do the walk of shame to the front office). Granted, they weren't from a secret admirer (but I'm still waiting Mark know you have a crush on me!) or even a man at all...but from my little sister, Am. Beggars can't be choosers and they were gorgeous!
Thanks sissy! And since you don't EVER respond to my texts - FYI...I still need your Disney memory cards!!! Oh, and please raid your closet for your fat clothes...Mother has taken it upon herself to dump with me her wardrobe and you know how much hers and my tastes differ! I'm in horror at the thought of wearing some of these clothes! I'd rather wear my oversized baggy clothes that spend one second in 95% of what she sent!! S.O.S.!!!

So, in honor of Tony, how about a music video (I haven't posted one in a while)...his ringtone, Cheryl Cole's Parachute

And for Am...the song that I always associate with our relationship, Darren Hayes - Cruel Cruel World. Since Darren hasn't released it as a single, this is a live version, but Darren is often better live than produced, so no worries there!

Am and T...happy you-know-what day back!

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