Monday, February 17, 2014


Long week and very little progress (or at least not as much as I wanted). It's really hard to stitch when you've got a migraine, and lucky me, I had one for most of the week. But at least a few minutes ago I finally finished the ugliest (and hardest) mattress layer.

The week started here:

And ended here:


Kate N said...

i like that layer - and now you have one that doesnt annoy you so much! lol
I didnt stitch but will be this weekend :)
I am looking forward to getting started.

Linda said...

Congrats on getting so much done this week. I like that layer.


EvalinaMaria said...

That's a great progress, congratulations!

Joysze said...

Love this, Keelie! I looked back to your previous posts and found a full pic of her stitched to date. She's gorgeous and so is your stitching! :D


demeter83 said...

It may not be your favourite, but now it's out of the way, meaning you've got nice bits to work on... and I'd be pretty happy with that progress without a migraine!