Thursday, February 27, 2014


I mentioned the band Squeeze in an answer to one of my Wednesday Hodgepodge questions, and I received a comment from Joyce about not knowing who they were. Well, like I need an excuse to post a video from my favorite generation of music, the 1980's, but I thought I'd help her out a bit! Most people know Squeeze from the song "Tempted". I never liked this song (and still can only barely tolerate it-which is why I don't feel the need to post it). Glenn Tillbrook didn't sing this song, Paul Carrack (who later became the singer for Mike + The Mechanics) did, which is probably why I didn't like it. Like I mentioned in the Hodgepodge question #6, I wasn't a Squeeze fan per-se in the 80's, but, looking back on it, I did love the song "Hourglass" which came out my senior year of high school:

From the early MTV days, I also remember liking "Another Nail In My Heart" and that's when I first thought Glenn Tilbrook was really cute, but didn't pay that much attention to him after that (at least not until my Disney World encounter with him). I also thought that Jools Holland was adorable and even remember seeing his picture in a Smash Hits mag from way back when. Some music television watchers might recognize his name...Jools Holland does a music show called Later with Jools Holland that showcases bands from every genre (including some very big names) and has been on for many years. But here's Nail:

Most early 80's music listeners will know Squeeze from "Black Coffee In Bed":

Here's a live version of "Pulling Mussels From A Shell" (a song that has grown on me over the years):

Granted, the years haven't been kind to Glenn, but I still think he's one of the most sexy men on the planet and, if I'm honest, the years haven't been kind to most of the 80's brood. Unfortunately, I still have tunnel vision and see them as their former selves...Robert Smith probably scares small children now (or so I'm told by my much younger co-workers), but I still think he's one of the hottest men in music, so there you go! You can take the girl out of the 80's, but the 80's will stay with her forever (and the cow-lick in my hair that wants to go the 80's way, proves its more than skin deep-but deep rooted to my very core! HA!).

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