Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekly update

Well, I did manage to do other things besides stitch this halfway through day 2 of Disney pics, got some much needed house maintenance done, and even exercised (once). But the urge to do non-stop stitching is still there and still eating away at me, which is why I've ended up staying up late every night to get caught back up stitching. I've finished four full pages in 2 1/2 weeks...yeah, that scares even me. Row three is now done:

And I've gotten this far in row 4:

I tried to start a simpler project to deflect my OCD, but I couldn't find the right material to use for the project (or yet I just found another excuse to obsess over little Miss Pea). I honestly think that if my Scottish pride and dedication to my job wasn't so strong, I'd probably call in my first sick day in 13 years and stay home tomorrow just to stitch. Luckily, my Scottish blood is stronger than my stupid psycho issues and I will be at work tomorrow as per usual.

On the diet front...lots of mixed news. I'm back on full track now and dropping pounds like crazy! It may only be 34 pounds working with Dr. Meanie-Pants, but it's almost 60 total since I started this journey. I've figured out that one cheat day and one alcohol day a week (because some days a girl needs to have a glass a wine after a rough day!) works much better than following the diet to the letter and then falling off the wagon in a big way (wish I could have figured that out three pizza binges ago!).

Exercising has been another matter altogether. Although I was exercising before I started the Doctor diet (in preparation for Disney walking), I can count on less than one hand how many times I've done it since. The side effects of not exercising through the really big body-changing stage of these past 34 pounds is really starting to show on my body now. The loose skin and wrinkles are really worrying me (although no one else can see them but me). It might be the reason why I've been self-sabotaging the diet in the first place...if I look bad and old and wrinkly, I'll want to stop.

Here's where I have to bit honest with myself...I've never been skinny, and I haven't been this weight since I was a very young teenager and it's frightening the life out of me. I don't know how to be anything but fat and being fat is a very protective thing for someone with social issues. Fat people don't get noticed (at least not in good ways) and when we get noticed in the bad ways, it forces us deeper into our shells (which is where I like to be). But I'm determined to do this (although I'm not really sure why or what my motivation is at the moment, but I'm sure there is a method to my madness, there usually is), so I'll have to exercise for the sake of my vanity if I don't want to look like a prune!

So for the upcoming week, I vow to exercise, even if it's in a small way, every day the entire week. Here's hoping, anyway! Oh, and I also vow to be in bed by no later than 12:30 am every night as well (if you're gonna vow, might as well do it in full force - although obviously tonight doesn't count since it's already past 1 am!).

I'll leave you with the most exciting news of all...the little brothers have bonded! There is a lot of snuggle-bunny action going on the Blair household now and I absolutely LOVE it!!


demeter83 said...

Hope the dieting and exercising gets better for you... I'm sure you've been told it before but if you can get into the habit having a routine really helps. I hated going to the gym when I first started going but now that I've got into the habit and routine it's a lot easier and I almost enjoy it now. I'm not saying it was as hard for me in the first place, but it does help. And do you listen to music when you exercise? One of my friends recommended audio books and spoken word instead because you listen to that more than to music, so you actually think less how you're not enjoying your exercise.
Finally, I love your stitching, it looks absolutely fantastic!

Cathy said...

Love the stitching. So pretty.

Love the picture of your pups. So adorable!

Sounds like you are doing well on the health routine. I need to get back to the exercise too. It really does make a difference.

Linda said...

Hi Keebles. Amazing progress on little Miss Pea. What a great design. Love the pic of your furbabies. I just started a Disney chart. If you have time, please come by and say hi.