Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Diet woes

I was bad in Disney world and even worse during Christmas, I concede that fact 110%...but I've been good for two weeks now and I'm barely losing anything. Talk about frustrating! Granted, everyone has their stuck times and this may be mine, but that doesn't keep my stomach from constantly growling or my brain from constantly thinking about food. You'd think that eventually both organs would give up and just realize they are SOL. I'm at the lowest weight I've been since I was 16, but I still can't seem to reach that magical threshold of below 200.

A co-worker told me today that your body has a weight it likes and it will fight to stay there. Mine must be 200-220. I didn't have this much hunger craving when I started this mess at 245. Next week better see a miraculous amount of dropped pounds or I can't guarantee I won't end up at some Chinese restaurant somewhere stuffing my face. I could probably eat more right this minute than I ever could when I was in the 260's/280's. It just all seems so unfair.

Before I hit double digits in age, my step-dad told me "you better lose that weight now before you start your periods or you'll always be fat". That has been echoing in my head a lot these past couple of weeks. I used to think he was just being his usual mental-abusive self, but for once, I have to say the man had a point. Being fat sucks.


Kate N said...

Hey, there is just more of you to love! :)
I am sure it will start to come off again, the disney & christmas binge is just making it hang on to it a bit longer with all that feast and famine. I have total faith in you being able to do it, you have more will power than anyone i know.
And by mentioning chinese you have single handedly ruined my new years resolution! lol Dry cracker anyone? x

Miamina said...

Sadly I know those feeling oh so well. It's so demoralising when you seem to hit a wall and nothing you do seems to help. Keep at it though, like Kate said, Disney and Christmas have just screwed things up a bit (although she said far more eloquently!). Even if you aren't losing at present, you're not putting it on and that's great too.

Carla Eldridge said...

A co-worker told me about chicken broth, spinach and mushroom soup which you can slurp down to your heart's content to get rid of the rumblies. I'm picking up the ingredients today to experiment with it. It sounds delicious and better tasting than the cabbage soup thing :D