Monday, December 23, 2013

December IHSW Results

This is the first International and Hermit Stitch Weekend I've done since the spring, but I did manage a pretty good chunk of work.

I didn't work much on A Summer Ball...I had made it through page 2 before the weekend started:

And was here:

But only made it this far (I really HATE working on this project...HAED's have spoiled me for life):

I spent the majority of the weekend working on The Princess And The Pea (I really forgot how much I miss working on this!). I ended here back in April:

Got here on Saturday night:

And here on Sunday night:

That B5200 is a MAJOR pain to work with and you can't even tell from the pictures that it's any different than regular white! Oh well, at least there wasn't a lot of it!

My major conundrum now is how to handle the "Stitching My First Heaven & Earth Design & Friends" Blog post...the last time I posted Princess was "Week 4-April 3". If I continue counting in weeks, should I start it "Week 5-December 23" or "Week 41-December 23"? I definitely have not worked on it for 46 weeks, and that is a bit confusing...maybe I should just switch to posting as row progress instead of week? I'm just not sure...maybe I'll just hang off posting there until I decide.

Hope everyone else had a good weekend!


demeter83 said...

Drool, Princess and Pea is fantastic, and you achieved a magical amount in a weekend, so impressed!

Annie said...

Beautiful stitching! I especially love Princess and the Pea!

Joysze said...

Pfoah!!!! I go MIA for 6 months and look at what I come back to! They're gorgeous, Keelie!