Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Day Of The Doctor has come and gone!

A whole weekend without obsessing over Miranda! Such Fun! (Although, if I'm honest, I did change my computer wallpaper to that of the lovely Tom Ellis).

On to the main attraction...Doctor Who:

As per usual, the Human-Doctor 10 and Rose story got completely ignored! Why?!?!? I just knew that this special would HAVE to deal with it since the one thing Doctor Who always seems to preach is "don't cross your own timeline because some things in time are fixed moments and cannot be changed", and, using that theory as my compass, how else would they use Billie Piper and David Tennant if not as HD10 and Rose? Well, not only did The Doctor cross his own timeline for most of the show (hence David's participation), but he did it, at one point, 13 times (including a cameo by the new upcoming Doctor Peter Capaldi). Billie's appearance was somewhat weird and very hard to explain, so I'm not gonna try. I guess it should matter that she was there, but without screen time with David, I just didn't see the point.

But hey, on the bright side, it was a very David Tennant-centric episode! And despite my dislike for Matt Smith, I have to admit that David and Matt's banter together made Matt rise up on my favorite Doctor scale (he's actually in the top five now). Here is one of the very few tense moments:

I really do think I'm gonna miss Matt when he's gone and will probably even cry like a baby when he regenerates, although David was the worst..."I don't want to go!" (really funny moment in the 50th concerning this, but hey, spoilers, so you'll just have to watch). Just to show how sappy I am, only screening David's regeneration clip caused me to start crying again!

And, a total OMG moment...Tom Baker at the end! My very first Doctor! How wonderful it was! I'd kill for a clip of it, but it's still too soon.

I'm also still confused on whether or not, since the introduction of John Hurt as "The War Doctor", if that means that Christopher Eccleston's Doctor and the following ones have to be bumped up a number. And, even more OCD, since the Doctor changed his past (by crossing his own bloody timeline), does that mean that Rose never meets and/or falls for him? Well hey, if he changed it that much, does that mean we can forget the Martha year?

But I have to throw some massive shade at Christopher Eccleston (who Matt bumped out of my top 5) for not participating in the special. Yes, they did piece together old clips to use in place of him, but actually being able to see the regeneration completed from John Hurt to Chris would have been nice instead of the fancy CGI stuff. Dude shouldn't have agreed to be the Doctor in the first place if he couldn't handle its success.

You ever seen anyone get so bent out of shape over a television show? Such is the nature of my life! But in all fairness, I've been watching Doctor Who since I was in primary school. It's been a part of me, off and on, for over 30 years...I'm allowed a bit of obsessiveness.

Here's hoping that Peter Capaldi doesn't ruin it and/or he doesn't stay long if he does. I always thought that Jack Davenport (Norrington from Pirates of the Caribbean) would make a good Doctor (you thought I was gonna say Tom Ellis, didn't you? But I don't necessarily think Tom would make a good Doctor, nor do I think Miranda Hart would either-I'm not on the whole "a woman as the Doctor" bandwagon). Guess we'll just have to see!

Back to full-on Disney mode and back to Miranda/Gary Land (at least until the Christmas Doctor Who special and Matt's exit).


lizbirdk said...

Hi Keeble!
I enjoyed the Dr Who special as well. I would like to point out since lots of people seem to have missed this, that it was made clear that neither John Hurt's nor David Tennant's Dr (and thus Ecclestone's) would remember these events. They put it in as a bit of a throwaway - 'timeline's not in alignment' type thing. So all the Dr knows is that Galllifrey is gone in a blaze of fire and he had a WMD! I agree with you about Ecclestone, though - we would all like to see that missing regeneration properly!!

Keebles said...

I do remember that...I was just focusing on the wrong bit! Thanks for reminding me! That makes me very happy...but then again...the Martha year still exists, bleh!

Miamina said...

I was brought up watching Dr Who as Mum is a massive fan and I'm now married to a massive Dr Who fan! David just made it worth watching, although the Billie Piper thing just made very little sense and it felt like Stephen Moffat was just trying to shoe horn her into the episode.

It was Ok, however Hubby wasn't overly impressed, although he loved the David/Matt thing going! It will be interesting to see how the show moves on with Peter.

Joysze said...

We went to watch this in the theater in 3D and loved EVERY.FREAKING.MOMENT!!! :D