Sunday, October 27, 2013

Disney: The Good (Part 5)

Finishing the countdown with the smallest post of them all, we are at #1....please be upstanding for...The Yachtsman Steakhouse inside Disney's Yacht Club Resort! (Leave it to me to make food #1).

New favorite alert!!! LOVED the atmosphere, the food, and even the wait staff at this place! It definitely makes the top three (and right now sits at the very top...Artist Point and Le Cellier are really gonna have to impress in December to topple it).

2013 (10)-0740

2013 (10)-0746

(didn't get a lot of good "around me" pics because people kept staring):
2013 (10)-0747

mark this down in your calendars people...I actually ate the bread (typically hate bread)!
2013 (10)-0748

It came with roasted garlic and sea salt honey butter:
2013 (10)-0749

I got the White Truffle Mac & Cheese as an appetizer and it literally blows Le Cellier's Mac & Cheese out of the water!
2013 (10)-0750

My New York Strip with Brandy Peppercorn sauce (easily cut with a fork) and White Cheddar Twice Baked Potato (which didn't get eaten much since the mac filled me up pretty good):
2013 (10)-0751

Dessert (another rarity for me) was good and bad...the apple and pear sorbets infused with Fairy Tale Cuvee was to die for while the cantaloupe gagged me a bit (and the coconut cookie thingee ended up a casualty on a side plate...I'm allergic:
2013 (10)-0753

And that's it! All that was good during my solo Disney trip!

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tiffstitch said...

Wow.. that sounds mouthwatering! Glad you had such a fantastic experience.