Friday, October 25, 2013

Disney: The Good (Part 3)

Despite the horrors of it's guests, Disney's Yacht Club Resort was absolutely beautiful and, at least visually, was all it was cracked up to be and more, which is why it makes #3 in my countdown of the Good Disney Moments!

Yeah, I should have used those camera filters (that I just HAD to have) when I was taking pics outside:
2013 (10)-0143

2013 (10)-0146

The lobby was really pretty!
2013 (10)-0149

2013 (10)-0153

2013 (10)-0151

As was my room:
2013 (10)-0164

2013 (10)-0159

I'm always fascinated with how cool and resort specific Disney makes their desk lamps:
2013 (10)-0163

The gift shop was nice, but I was more than a bit disappointed over the lack of "Yacht Club" themed merchandise. I know that Disney dropped pretty much most of the resort-specific merchandise, but I guess I'm just used to Wilderness Lodge which is very resort-specific:
2013 (10)-0252

And, of course, the lagoon side:
2013 (10)-0195

2013 (10)-0205

Stormalong Bay (the pool...never use, but love to walk around)
2013 (10)-0255

2013 (10)-0257

(yes, the sunken ship is the pool's water slide):
2013 (10)-0263

The walk to Epcot and looking back to the Yacht Club:
2013 (10)-0268

2013 (10)-0265

The boat service was extremely slow, but enjoyable:
2013 (10)-1075

And, of course, the night pic:
2013 (10)-0493

And that's it for up is #2: The Camera (and really it was neck and neck with #1).

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