Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Disney: The Good (Part 2)

Continuing on with the countdown of the good points of my Disney trip, we've reached #4: The Epcot Food & Wine Festival!

Let me just say how much it pisses me off that the damn photopass photographers take up all the prime spots now and you can't take front-and-center pictures of anything anymore!:
2013 (10)-0686

I hit the F&W Festival much harder this year than in previous years (probably more than all the previous years combined) - some things were old tried and true staples like Cheddar Cheese soup and Ice Wine from Canada:
2013 (10)-0284

to the Shrimp Ceviche and Mango Wine from the Florida Local booth (the beef slider was just a glorified hamburger, so I don't see the point of mentioning it much):
2013 (10)-0317

and the Brat and pretzel roll from Germany (although wonderful in flavor, quite visually off-putting):
2013 (10)-0347

Despite the fact that they replaced a lot of my old favorites at some booths, I did find new favorites like the Hops and Barley booth with the lobster tail (although quite small and more Tiger Shrimp-sized, it had a good flavor and wasn't tough...and anything is better than that nasty lobster roll they serve every year!):
2013 (10)-0322

I didn't go entree this year at Australia, but the Pavlova ended up being my absolute favorite dessert of the entire festival (and possibly my new favorest dessert ever - despite it's negative reviews from other guests):
2013 (10)-0724

Greece topped the overall list again this year (although they didn't have my usual Greek salad) with the Fried Cheese and Ouzo:
2013 (10)-0417

but there were some ugh moments - take China for instance...I shoved aside my staples to try the peppered shrimp noodles with lychee water (both of which ended up in the trash - the noodles and shrimp were both way overcooked and rubbery and all my past encounters with flavored water at China should have taught me to stay away):
2013 (10)-0362

But the Mango flavored Silky Spun Ice from China was not only good, but very interesting to strung out like pasta when you put a fork in it!
2013 (10)-0728

Scotland, which I really wanted to love, got dumped after tiny tastes - the vegetarian haggis shouldn't have been tried and the Loch Lomond was made with dishwater scotch:
2013 (10)-0412

2013 (10)-0413

Mexico, usually good at all their offerings, failed miserably with the Taco de Rib Eye and Mango Habanero Margarita:
2013 (10)-0423

The Chili Colorado from the Terra booth (a vegetarian booth BTW) made me physically gag (and replaced the plaintains from San Angel Inn at the Mexico Pavilion for most "turd-like" smelling and looking food in Disney World):
2013 (10)-0720

The Singapore Sling from...wait for it...Singapore was equally (if not more) nasty:
2013 (10)-0727

I actually made it through four songs of the Eat To The Beat concert and Air Supply (until a rude lady got directly in front of me):
2013 (10)-0457

and a close up:
2013 (10)-0462

And that's about it for the Food & Wine Festival up, Disney's Yacht Club Resort!

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