Monday, October 21, 2013

Disney: The Good (Part 1)

My trip wasn't all hellfire and brimstone...there were some very memorable moments. Since I just finished editing my pictures (new camera ROCKS BTW!!), how about we count down my good Disney moments visually. I originally started this post as all-inclusive, but the amount of pics became staggering, so how about another blog series?

Lets start off with:

#5-The Drive:
I took the scenic route through Tennessee and then down through Georgia. Although the roads pretty much stayed congested (which, of course, none of these pics reflect), I didn't encounter any traffic problems either way. And I'd still rather drive 13-14 hours to get there versus 20 minutes in airport security!

Close to Chattanooga:
2013 (10)-0023

Atlanta wasn't nearly as scary as I was worried about:
2013 (10)-0054

The ever wonderful Florida welcome sign on the Toll Road:
2013 (10)-0063

Despite my GPS taking an "unplanned" route down I-Drive (picture the movie Clueless when they get trapped on the freeway...that was my reaction to I-Drive), I did manage to get pics of my favorite interstate wall (yes, I'm just figuring that out?):
2013 (10)-0105

I did finally make it to my destination (a bit late, but ever so happy to be there!):
2013 (10)-0114

And that unplanned route gave me the best photo op ever of my absolute favorite Disney building - The Reedy Creek Fire house!
2013 (10)-0121

Eventually, it was time for the journey home and the even more scenic route of the coast road up through Jackson, MS (although a much different terrain...all flatlands!):
2013 (10)-1548

The impending hurricane/tropical storm looming on the skyline:
2013 (10)-1556

I pretty much gave up picture taking in Mobile, AL, but the lights on those buildings were cool...they changed colors constantly! I managed a good snap of the purple:
2013 (10)-1574

And that's it for part up, the Food & Wine Festival!

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