Thursday, October 24, 2013

Diet has begun...

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Disney pic blog series to give you an update on the results of my doctor visit on Tuesday.

First off, I don't like him. But hey, that's not surprising, I don't like most people. I did go the honesty route and spilled it all and we butted heads almost the entire time I was with him (well over an hour actually). I really don't think he cared or listened to anything I was saying (which is why I didn't want to be honest and, had I not argued so much, I would have probably only been in there 10 minutes). But that's just my Sis actually really likes him and says he listens to her (but she's also WAY prettier and much nicer than me...just sayin...).

There were some compliments in there...I apparently look 10 years younger than I am (which I knew, but he made a big deal about questioning my age) and my teeth are "extremely white" (a fact which I disagree with, but hey, Hydrogen Peroxide makes the best mouthwash and I like to chew Trident White...a lot, a practice which I now have to give up due to its effects on the diet, ugh...definitely NOT looking forward to ketosis without breath aids!).

Blood work results: completely and absolutely normal, a fact which stumped him...for "someone of my size" (his words, not mine), I shouldn't have such normal levels, especially the blood pressure and cholesterol levels. HA! Told ya I was a healthy fat chick!! He was also surprised that my body fat percentage was lower than it should have been for "someone of my size" (that's never gonna get old!) and probably why I don't look as big as I weigh (yes, he said that too).

Where there was a problem (and this really wasn't a surprise) was the insulin resistance level. He said max high was 23...I was at 20. BINGO! Now we know why I haven't been able to lose weight no matter what I do.

After much confusion (and a bit of arguing), I opted for the meal replacement plan (to at least get me to and through December Disney - I can't deal with planning a trip and trying to keep food journals and measuring food and selecting food anyway). I'm a very structured person, so meal replacements are no brainers and don't interrupt my life and eating the same thing everyday doesn't bother me either. Then, once December is over with, I can switch to the other and move on from there.

So, basically right now, I get a shake for breakfast, pudding for lunch, soup for supper, and another shake for a snack (and next week the second shake gets taken away). I can have two Coke Zeros a day and all the tea I want (as long as the tea is decaffeinated), but I've gotta up my water intake again...ugh. Plus, there is the appetite suppressant of Tenuate (which, so far, seems pretty much useless other than making me really grumpy). But I didn't go to bed hungry last night (although my stomach did growl most of the day yesterday). It is approximately 800 calories a day (and will be 600 next week when the second shake gets removed). Extremely high protein and very low carbs.

I also didn't do any exercise last night (I haven't been doing any since my return from Florida and after the drama of yesterday, just didn't want to). I am supposed to do light exercise on this diet (because of the minimal caloric intake, I can't do strenuous exercise...just don't have enough nutrients in my system to handle it). This might also be an issue for me as I don't do anything halfway and tend to really push hard when I do actually exercise. I was doing 35 minutes of weight loss yoga and 30-60 minutes of walking daily (depending on the day), but he says I can only do one or the other, no more than 30 minutes, and he really didn't want me doing the weight loss yoga (but I could do lesser, non-strenuous forms of yoga).

I do have a headache today, but it's because of the work drama I got plummeted with yesterday (and I knew it was coming, so not a surprise). I'll be curious to see on a non-"stupid people at work being total pains" day if the headaches continue. Probably safe to assume that there will be no exercise tonight either...not with a headache.

I did the unthinkable and weighed today (I really should wait till next Tuesday when I go back to him...another caveat of the meal replacements, I have to go to the doctor every single week (money, money, money by the pound! (Disney reference for the older Disney any clue?)). According to the work scales, I've actually managed to gain a pound! I'm trying not to think about it though (actually, the way my head is hurting I'm trying not to think of anything at the moment).

I think posting all this crap might actually help me...kind of like support message boards without having to help others (never said I wasn't selfish), so prepare yourself for tons of diet talk! Hopefully it will break up the Disney monotony (never said I wasn't obsessive) and help cover the fact that I'm still not stitching right now and have no stitching progress to report!

Thanks to everyone who has shown their support! And also a big thank you for those for your Disney condolences! Here's hoping I won't need more in December!


Heather Cartwright said...

You've made the first steps... Now just gotta stick with it! You should be really happy with yourself! And don't mind the weight going up after the first day. Weight varies from day to day anyway, so it's best to weigh in once a week or something instead, first thing in the morning post-morning-poop because that's when you're at your lightest! I can't wait to see how this goes for you ! :)

tiffstitch said...

I hope this helps you get where you want to be. Good luck, and keeping my fingers crossed for you. :)

Emma/Itzy said...

Good luck in your weight loss, I have gone off the rails with mine the last couple of weeks so need to get back on track until December.