Monday, May 6, 2013

Liebster Award!

Dy Saturday over at (parenthetical asides) has given me a Liebster award! As per usual, I've been offline resting up after the A to Z Challenge, and I'm still not ready to get back in the full swing of blogging and/or stitching yet. But I will definitely answer his questions and give my own awards in the very near future.

Something else is hogging my attention right now...I'M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!! I'm still in the early planning stages, but the trip is booked and there is much to do before that magical 180 day mark hits me square in the face. This is going to be a strange trip to plan because of the logistics of it. Of course Am and I are going, but this trip is for Mother and she wanted to bring a friend as well, so it's two separate rooms and all the issues that come with it. Disney always insists on putting the park hours out only days before it's time to book dining and it's always a race to come up with several viable schedules in preparation for dining complications. When the passholder discounts come out, I'll have to change things around again. But far be it from me to succeed control of Disney planning to anyone, so I must rise to the challenge! I'm not good at a lot of things, but I am definitely a Disney planning expert!

Plus, planning the next Disney trip makes me finally break down and make our photo DVD from the last trip. You wouldn't think a photo slideshow would be that big a deal, but by the time you go through 5000 pictures (not an exaggeration-you'd think after all these years I wouldn't feel the need to take so many bloody pictures), edit out the bad, merge them together with Am's while editing out whose duplicate is better (sorry Am, it's usually mine!), going through each picture and de-noising or straightening or auto correcting, naming and re-naming to keep them in the proper order while you are dividing them into separate days, then actually making the DVD and creating special menus for the year, picking the music, yada yada yada...long story short (too late, I know), it's a pain in the backside and I usually put it off as long as possible.

It's pretty hard to go through the pictures when you get back because of the condition known as WDW-Withdrawal's just too much of a reminder that you are no longer at Disney. This syndrome can last weeks for some, months for others (like me) and can be quite crippling from a picture editing standpoint. I did actually start on the pics not long after we got back, so the duds have already been cut and I managed to get the total down to 3200, but it was just too painful and I had to stop for a while. This weekend I started back up again and finished the merge of mine and Am's, the dividing into days, and the renaming and am now in the process of editing each individually (the longest stage of the entire process). Once I get to the DVD building stage, it will all be smooth sailing once that first menu is created. I'm sure it will take two DVD's again this year, the bigger the pixel size gets in cameras, the more space they take up!

On the home front, life is pretty good in the Keebs house! Bam and Zach are finally starting to get along and I just can't get over how much Bam loves me already! Truth be told, I'd much rather hold and snuggle him than stitch right now (and I think it's safe to say he feels the same). But he is definitely not the little angel he played at being when he first came home...dude got an evil gene (just like his dear old mum)!

OK, enough rambling, I've got work to do!


The Crafty Princess said...

YAY!!! Congratulations on receiving the Liebster Award and getting to go to Disney World. How exciting for you stunner.
Alicia xo

SoCal Debbie said...

Have a good time making your WDW DVD from last year! How nice that you're so organized!