Monday, March 11, 2013

The most exciting news ever!

My stitching lagged this week for another reason. I've mentioned we were on the hunt for an addition to our family. I got denied rather quickly from the first rescue group I applied to, never got an answer from the second, and even my own local pound never responded to me. I broke down and went to the puppy store, only to be shot down there too because they didn't have any Shih Tzu's in stock! I decided it was fate and gave up.

I have a co-worker/friend who got her rescue pug about a year ago and she contacted the woman who handled her adoption to see if they had any Shih Tzu's. They didn't, but they knew of another rescue group that dealt with more "fru-fru" dogs (which I think is hilarious since that is what I always called the popular people in high school). She gave me their name, Arkansas Southern Dog Rescue, and off to Google I went. But one little guy in particular caught my eye within the first 20 seconds of was definitely love at first sight!

His name is BamBam (yeah, I know...Keebles and BamBam, either life's cruel joke or a match made in heaven). He was a breeder dog that got thrown outside because of an ear infection! He's very tiny, only 8 lbs, about 3 years old, and was in desperate need of a haircut.

I dreaded filling out another application, but I kept finding myself heading back to their website and staring at his picture most of the day. I just couldn't stand the fact that he had been abandoned and I eventually got up my courage. I had an email response from Debbie pretty quickly! She wanted to talk to me in person, my Asper anti-social genes kicked into high gear, but I agreed and even left work early so I could clean the house before she called (don't's an OCD thing). I managed to scrub the house spotless, mount and partially frame two stitches, and just basically waited (surprisingly more patiently than I'm capable of) for her to call. But eventually call she did, and shock of shocks, I GOT APPROVED!!

She told me all about Bam and we agreed on meeting halfway between my house and hers on Sunday. Zach and I slept horribly Saturday night, but off we went Sunday on our hour long journey through wind and heavy rain. Zach wasn't in the best of moods, and it worried me a bit:

We got there early, had a couple of Xanax, and waited. But it didn't take them long to show up! Bam is extremely docile and has the best personality ever! I recognized the skin condition as the same that Zander had, and he had a protrusion on his side that I was afraid might be a broken rib. Other than that, he was perfect and we decided to be his new family and he seemed OK with it! He slept almost the whole way home. Zach wasn't too pleased at first:

But by the time we got close to home, they were best of friends:

I didn't want to give him a bath and a haircut right off the bat. It's always such a chore with Zachary and I didn't want Bam to hate me from the get go. But he was scratching a lot and I was afraid he was having an allergic reaction to something in the house, so I had no choice and the torture began. We started here:

and ended here:
He stood absolutely perfectly still the entire time I shaved him and didn't splash water all over me trying to get out of the tub. I can't even begin to tell you what a change THAT is! I have never had a dog that didn't fight me the entire time! It's at least a two hour ordeal with Zachary, and don't get me started on how horrible Zander was!

Once he was shaved down, I realized his skin is much worse than I originally thought. I actually managed to get a vet appointment first thing this morning (I think the possibility of a broken rib was what did it). The good news is his rib is not broken, it's just a "floating rib" and he was born with it (yeah, I've never heard of it either). They called the vet that gave him his shots to get more information faxed over, but they didn't even have a fax machine! I wouldn't have thought even in Arkansas there would be somebody so behind in the times. But my vet went ahead and ran the complete battery of tests, including a more detailed heartworm check and they checked his skin for mange (which it's not, BTW). He has an absolutely perfect bill of health (although the actual bill was an entirely different story).

He is definitely part of our family now and already loves me! So much so, I'm gonna do something I never a picture of myself with my new son!

So please be upstanding for BamBam "Bammers" Blair!!! Looks like I need to create a new banner for my blog!

And for anyone that would like to help out the rescue group, go to their website can donate through PayPal.


DJH said...

What a cutie! Congrats to you on your new addition.

Emma/Itzy said...

Awww! Welcome to Bambam they look like best of friends already! :)

Rai Rai's Stitches said...

Welcome BamBam. It's been a long, cruel journey for you, but you have finally come home.

Good for you for choosing a rescue.

Debbie Brattan said...

Yay, Kieley! I've been anxiously awaiting the blog. I've been checking frequently cause I knew it was coming :). I am so glad to see little Bam so happy and content. Of course I knew he would be but he had to prove it to you LOL. He just needs lots of love - that's all he is after! And I know you have lots to give. Thank you so much for giving him such a wonderful home. BTW - carsonsgigi is Debbie!

tiffstitch said...

Hooray!! I'm absolutely thrilled for you! And BamBam sounds like an excellent dog. Our rescue will stay still for mostly everything as well, but she's resistant. BamBam sounds much more compliant. Hope he and Zachary are getting along well still. Such a cute face. :)

Melody said...

Awww...he looks like such a sweetheart! We have a rescue also, and if there's one thing I've learned since having him, it's that they definitely aim to please. It's great that he and Zachary are getting along already. Here's to a lifetime of family togetherness for all 3 of you :)

Miamina said...

I am so happy that you have found a new little one for your family! He looks adorable and it's good to see Zachary and BamBam are getting on so well. He's looks very smart now as well! I'm glad he got a clean bill of health too.

What a lovely little family you make xxx

sharine said...

He looks right at home. Congratulations:)

Kate N said...

Hey, where did my comment go? Ok, well congratulations! Gorgeous puppy and gorgeous mummy! xx

SoCal Debbie said...

I'm so happy for you that your persistence was rewarded and you found just the right dog for your family. He's a cutie!

Sew Wilde said...

Congrats on your new addition!!


Joysze said...

OH!!! Keiley!! Congrats!!!!! He's darling!!! I LOVE him for getting a pic of you on your blog. :D :D :D :D :D :D

Keebles and Bam Bam!!! ROFL!!!! You're gonna need a Dino next. ;)

Caitlin Jordan said...

woohoo! so glad to hear about the new addition to the family.