Sunday, March 10, 2013

Stitch update

I started the week pretty good, but didn't end it so good due to other reasons I'm saving for the next blog post. I spent most of the last two weeks getting my threads in order because I got a new system. Some of you may remember I used to keep my thread like this:

I've been looking for a better method, and after reading numerous reviews on Amazon, I decided to go with a small parts container. I could put my second full set of DMC's in it as well with room to spare and excitingly spent an entire week wrapping bobbins. Other reviewers had said they had no trouble with their bobbins, but I wonder if; a) they are talking about the same bobbins I am; and b) they didn't fill the drawers as full as I did. Problem was, although the bobbins fit, they were a bit too tall and would fly out everytime I opened a drawer.

I couldn't go back to the old system now that I had double the number without adding five new boxes. Then there was the issue of what happens when I finish a project and needed to add even more bobbins? So I went on the search again, and found bigger bobbin boxes that are double sided. Each one is supposed to hold an entire set of DMC's, but I got three just in case and for growth purposes (and am very glad I did):
I guess I'm just a bobbin/box person, because I'm very happy now!

On to the stitching...I managed to get Mickey and Friends framed:

But didn't have enough mat board for A Walk Through The Highlands, so that is a pic for another day.

But the real update is The Princess And The Pea...despite the dismal work toward the end of the week, I made it to here:
I substituted S5200 for the Kreinik, and although it's better than a filament or even E5200, I still HATE it! That's pretty much where I'm stuck right now. I just don't want to work on it. But I'm close to the end of this section, and if I can make it through, it will be alright!

But I do have to add how much I absolutely LOVE using Monaco instead of Lugana! It's so much easier to work with and the stitches look so much cleaner! I don't have to worry about the threads tearing through and restitching areas. It's like a very soft, very tiny aida!

Stay tuned for the most exciting news ever!!


CJ in OK ;-) said...

A cliffhanger ooh! The bobbins look like a great solution. CJ in OK

sharine said...

Great containers. Will be looking into buying them for sure. Beautiful stitching:)

Emma/Itzy said...

I LOVE Mickey Mouse and friends, can I ask where you bought the chart? Princess and the Pea is looking great so far, it is in my stash but I have no idea when it will go in to my rotation!

Miamina said...

Love the storage ideas, such a shame about the Amazon boxes as they look ideal :(

For the Kreinik, were you using the #4 braid? If you were, try using the blending filament instead, it's 1 stand as opposed to the 4 strands for the #4 braid, so you can double it up to make sure you get the coverage. Other ideas are to use white silk rather than the S5200 as that's Rayon and is horrible! If you aren't bothered about having sparkle or shine, you can always use DMC B5200/Blanc (white)/3865 depending on what's used in the chart already.

Hope that gives you a few ideas.

SoCal Debbie said...

Your floss collection looks fantastic! Mickey and Friends looks great in the frame!

Joysze said...

Nice bobbin storage!! AND MICKEY LOOKS AWESOME!!!! I'm so sorry I missed your HD on the finish, so here's a belated one! *grabs you and spins around*