Sunday, February 3, 2013

Stitch update

It's that time again...another week ended and my stitching due for updating. This week was rather trying; work totally sucked pretty much the entire week, my heater decided to die just as it started to get really cold again (and I absolutely HATE cold!), and, because of three headaches (yes, three, more than I have had in the entire month of January), very little stitching got done. It's difficult enough to talk or walk on Stadol, let alone push a needle through very tiny little holes of 28ct! At least I didn't have to call my sister to come give me Alsuma shots. I really hate bothering her, but seeing as I am too chicken to give myself shots, even if they are auto-injectors (that just makes them more painful and scares the crap out of you when they go off), I really have no other choice. There is no one else I would trust to stab me with a large gas-powered needle connected to a tube of extremely cold liquid, but I will still try to avoid it at all costs.

Anyhoo, enough of my moaning...the week started here:

And here is where I am today:

I'm trying to look at it as I'm almost 2 pages down in my final 5 1/2 pages, but it was just a disappointing week all the way 'round, and optimism just isn't in my bones. Luckily, neither is pessimism. I have another chance of getting caught up next week and there is no use dwelling on the disappointment of this week, thus the mantra of a realist...hopeful, yet unexpectant of anything other than what will be.


sharine said...

All progress is good progress!

Caitlin Jordan said...

gorgeous stitching :)

Anonymous said...

Your stitching looks wonderful =)
I'm sorry to hear about your headaches and really hope they get better soon 'hug*

Caitlin Jordan said...

gorgeous stitching :) you're making great progress!

Yana Hanim said...

great progress keebles, and I hope you are feeling better now. hugs xxx

Vickie said...

It looks fantastic!!!!!