Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New "kid" update

So, no word from the second rescue place. Just thought I'd give an update concerning our search. We have been looking at PetFinder (which is how we found the Shih-Tzu Rescue group) and I do also check with our local shelter's webpage. We are a very Shih Tzu oriented family, so I'm afraid that limits our search quite a bit. On top of that, we also only like boy dogs, limiting our search even more. We aren't incredibly age specific, but we are limited to baby and young (unless it's a very young adult). Apparently the only Shih's available are older girl dogs! I'm not giving up though. Zach has a vet appointment tomorrow and I'm gonna put my feelers out with the vet as well (that is unless we get the huge ice storm they have been screaming about all day).

We do have strict criteria, actually, it's all Zachary...he's such a picky butt sometimes, but we know what will make us happy! And a happy Keebs and Zach mean a very very happy (and very very spoiled) new addition!!

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