Sunday, November 25, 2012

About time!

First off...I completely forgot my TUSAL for the month of November! So, to get it out of the way, here's my Ort jar sitting on my favorite piece I brought back from this Disney trip, my Cinderella Castle Big Fig:

Next up...I have done it! I have finished The Ribbon Topiary (for the second time!):

I'm still not sure if it's better than the much simpler (and much cheaper) original. I've learned a ton of lessons from both of them (mostly that I ain't ever gonna touch silk thread again unless I absolutely have to!):

But here is the piece de'resistance of this weekend...I've started working on my little Highland girl again!! As a reminder, here is where I left off:

And here is this weekend's progress:

The fun part of stitching now versus the last time I left off was the added bonus of Zachary's clingyness that started when I got back from Disney...he won't leave my side (not that I'm complaining). But it's a bit difficult to manage a magnifying light, scroll bars, and a lap stand with a pup in my lap. Here is the view underneath the lap stand:

And that's about it (although it's a ton!). Now that I'm back on track stitching-wise, hopefully it will help channel my inner Christmas Grinch this year (although I highly doubt it, the Grinch is a strong force that won't be denied!).


Miamina said...

That's great progress you've made on the JBG piece.

I think I like the fabric from the new sampler better but prefer the colours of the old one! You have learnt something from doing it though and at least you persevered and finished it. Both look really nice though.

Zachary is just too cute, at least he's fairly small, I get a clingy cocker spaniel who thinks he's a cat and small enough to sit on my knee (he just fits)! I can assure you I get no stitching done when he's clingy, not only does he take up space, he paws at anything that comes near!

LOVE the castle though! Glad to see you posting stitchy pics again and I hope the post-Disney depression is easing slightly.


Abbybeth said...

Nice progress on your Highland girl and LOVE the big fig! Nice acquisition!

Kate N said...

Its gorgeous! Zachs gorgeous! Highland girl is gorgeous! Castle is gorgeous! You're gorgeous! WORD OF THE DAY: Gorgeous! hahahahaha