Tuesday, November 6, 2012

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Throughout my post-Disney depression, I always end up reading more...the only form of escape I can get in my tiny little world. And as the good little Janeite that I am, I always turn to my favorite author to get me through. But you can only read her books and watch the movies and adaptations so many times.

I do love a good Jane-inspired novel as well as the real thing. Not so much the "continuations" or the period-inspired (and I really don't like the Jane as a vampire or Jane as a private eye kind of novels). It's the the modern re-tellings or the inspired by's that get me. And there is nothing better than the modern characters that get stuck back in Austen days and interact with Austen characters! I also like the historical references about the period as well as Jane herself.

But have you ever tried to find one of these on Amazon? One never knows what to look under. You find one you like and look up the author to see if they have written more or read the recommendations for others, but it's still pretty limited. It's not like you can search for Austen fan fiction...fan fiction is still a negative term in a lot of literary circles, even if that is what it is.

Here's where the Austenprose blog comes into play. They review upcoming Jane-inspired novels, interview the authors, and even have written Jane fiction themselves! My Jane library has grown exponentially since I've been reading it. I don't get to look at it very often, but every time I do, my Amazon wish list gets longer overnight!

The latest batch of books I picked up are modern "teen" versions of the Austens, written by Jenni James, called the Jane Austen Diaries, starting with Pride and Popularity, then Northanger Alibi, and the newest being Persuaded. I've only made it through the first one, but I really loved it and I'm really looking forward to Persuaded (since we all know Persuasion is my favorite).

I have been, on more than one occasion, been inspired to write my own Jane Austen adaptation, but considering my writing skills, it would just be stupid to try. Besides, my bestie Kate is a fabulous writer and I could never compare to half her talent, so I'll leave the writing to her!

But if you're a Janeite, or even just love good books and are looking for something new, head over to the Austenprose blog and start looking!

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