Saturday, September 29, 2012

Robin Hood-A Revisitation

First off, thanks to everyone for my B-day wishes! Work made sure it was ruined, but I thank everyone anyway. Here's to hoping for a better one next year.

But the subject of this post is Robin Hood, The Series. I watched this show faithfully and absolutely loved it from it's first airing. It was an amazing show, one that gave me Richard Armitage (which, in itself is an amazing gift!).

But, and there is always a but, because of my impatience, I knew ahead of time what was going to happen at the end of series 2 and it completely ruined the series for me. I stopped watching it before the inevitable happened. Someone eventually told me how the complete series ended and it just strengthened my resolve that I had done the right thing to stop watching it. It was a major sore spot for me for a long time...the thought that they could do what they did to not only an amazing legend, but one of the greatest romances of all time!

I never bought the series on DVD past the first one, but always kept the other two in my Amazon wish list. Once I started buying from Amazon UK, it also found it's way onto that wish list as well. I never could delete it, and every so often, I would find myself checking the price, but it was always way too high on the US Amazon (as is most US versions of UK shows...Doctor Who anyone?). But I eventually forgot about it (although I never removed it from either wish list).

Every once and while, one of the guys would appear on other shows and it would start to nudge that part of me that loved Robin Hood so dearly. Watching both Jonas Armstrong and Keith Allen on The Body Farm reminded me how great they played off of each other. But Lucy Griffiths being on True Blood this season made me realize that enough time had passed and I really didn't hate her anymore, so I began watching the prices on Robin again. The Dutch version, completely packed in a three set, eventually came up at an unbelievable price on Amazon UK, and I just couldn't help myself, so I ordered it, knowing I still probably would never watch it, but I would have it "just in case".

This past week I was craving some Richard I had never seen before and this was all I had. Plus, I really haven't revisited him as Guy of Gisborne since my initial infatuation with him. Normally, once I'm hooked on an actor, I really don't like to see them play bad guys. Richard's ending on Spooks still pisses me off and I still don't believe Lucas North was matter the obvious. But, when you like an actor, it's hard to buy them as bad, Alan Rickman as Severus Snape in Harry Potter is the ultimate many people can honestly say they hated Severus? You can't, no matter what he did, because it was Alan Rickman and who can hate Alan? If JK Rowling truly wanted people to hate Severus, she would have never of allowed Alan to be cast! But I digress...

So "just in case" happened this past week and I broke down and watched, from beginning to end, the entire three series of Robin Hood. I just finished literally 10 minutes ago, so my emotions are still pretty high, but wow, was I a complete idiot for finishing this series the first time around! You guys know how much I love happy endings, and this series' ending was far from a happy one, but I wasn't completely upset about it either, in fact, it ended exactly the way it should of (and you won't often hear me say that over such an ending).

I am trying to purposely not give particular information away for the sake of not ruining it for anyone else. I made that big mistake already for myself, and I wouldn't want to do the same for anyone else. All I can say is definitely give the entire series a chance. You may have to take a breather after series 2, but you will have to finish it. It is definitely one of the best series to come out in years and I would had no qualms about watching it again!


FunnyGoodJokes Blog said...

Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the stay.

Ewa said...

Yup - I definitely bought the whole series in a boxed set last Christmas. I absolutely love it and could watch it on repeat.