Saturday, September 1, 2012

Good news, bad news

First off, thanks so much everyone for your kind words about my blogoversary! And everyone watch Kate's blogs, because her blogoversary is very soon!

Well, on to the news...I am the new IT Manager of my lab! Not bad for an art major drop-out! I opened a bottle of wine to celebrate, but I didn't open a good one because the celebration is not a big one.

My predecessor is gone, I've moved offices and I am settled enough to start work on Tuesday at...ugh...9 am. At least I'm not sharing an office anymore and I have complete control of my own world instead of dipping my toe in every other department. For the first time in my entire career there, I actually feel like I'm making a difference, and it's a pretty good feeling!

But, and there is always a but, they put me on salary, so even though I got a little raise, I will be making a lot less money because I won't be getting the massive overtime or shift diff, and I have to go to the training course in December instead of waiting until next year.

On the plus side of the negative, I won't be working as many hours (hopefully, or we're gonna have to have a discussion about the salary situation) and I got to pick the location of the training course (so you can only guess which city I picked...Orlando, of course!).

I did my last transcription tonight (hopefully for a while, but I still have to cover my co-worker when she's off, so that could be an issue), I also did my last cytology prep ever, and I never have to cover histology at night again (not to mention the nine million duties I do that no one even realizes...they just think that house gnomes come in at night and do them I guess). They haven't decided on adequate cover for any of my old jobs, but that's not my problem anymore. I've made myself sick enough worrying about it and I just can't do it anymore. I have a new job and new responsibilities to worry about now (and I will keep repeating that until I believe it!).

On the subject of the training course, I am more than a bit freaked out. Sure, I've been to Disney by myself before, but I have never rented a car or driven from the airport to the resort on my own (or with anyone else for that matter, we always use a car service and use Disney transportation once we get there). Unfortunately, Orlando is a pretty spread out city and the distance from the airport to the resort to the training college are just way too far apart to count on taxis or a car service (not to mention the large quantity of toll roads). I had already planned to up my tickets in October to an annual pass so that I could start making long weekend trips after I got my new vehicle and that will cover the park ticket part of the trip. The lab is paying for airfare, car rental, hotel, and meals for the course dates, so if I stay any longer, any extra expenses come out of my pocket (which will be painful so soon after the October trip), but I can't imagine not doing so. I have to do a lot of research this weekend to at least come up with a base schedule.

They said we could re-evaluate the salary situation in 3 to 6 months, so you can bet I'll be asking for a big raise (especially after the training course!). I wish I could say that I have been spending the extra money I have been making wisely (or even saving it), but I can''s just not in my nature! I come from shoppin-type folk, we are all the same. Sometimes I wish I had a significant other to share the burden of the living expenses (not to mention to share my life with), but I never was the sharing type! Besides, I can't take it with me when I go, so I might as well enjoy it now!

I'm just really looking forward to just having more time to enjoy life. I just hope I'm not making a huge mistake!!


Kate N said...

It all sounds so exciting!

tiffstitch said...

I hope things go well! I had to drive around my colleagues in Orlando, and although it is spread out, there are tons of places to turn around if you get lost. It's definitely a town designed for tourists. I'm sure you'll be fine!

Good luck on the new job too!

Mangogirl said...

Great news! good luck on the new job. stay strong you have a defined job so you can't do stuff outside that.

Joysze said...

Well... hopefully the less money is worth the lack of stress this job brings. Hopefully, the stress level will go down BIIIIIIIG time.

Oh yes, you Disney freak... you SOOOOO have to stay longer when you're there, that's a no brainer. ;)