Monday, August 13, 2012

Update (in more ways than one)

I have been horrible at blogging recently, but I have good reason - everything at work is about to change, which, in turn, is about to change my entire life (I just hope it's for the better!). I've worked so hard for so long, I just hope it's about to pay off. Once the official decision is made, I'll have a new job (with hopefully a new salary), new "normal" hours-in both time of day and length of shift (which probably freaks me more than the extra responsibility), and the scariest of all - a week's long training course by myself. I was able to choose where (and you can only guess where I've chosen-Orlando of course), but the when I couldn't choose, two months after our official Disney trip. I don't even want to think about it too much right lump at a time. Besides, they are definitely milking me for everything I have until then, so I don't have much of a chance TO worry about it!

And speaking of lumps, the lump in my head is getting scanned next week as well. If it's growing it will explain so much about my head, but could mess everything up with my job because they will want to cut it out (which will also make the pain stop). If it's not growing, then it doesn't explain the headaches and I get to live to continue living with them for heaven knows how long - a right cluster...well, you know cluster what. I don't want to think about that either.

A good thing to focus on is the Duran Duran show is this Friday night! But, (and I promise I'm not trying to find negatives everywhere), there are massive fears with that as well. I don't know the venue or how it's all gonna work yet and I don't do well with the unknown. My social problems are kicking up a right stink just at the moment. So, moving on...

One more chance at positivity for this week, a stitch update - but unfortunately, I didn't do very good with that either...see for yourself - Monday's work:

to today's:

I'm not nearly as far as I wanted to be, but at least she doesn't look freakish anymore! Plus, I was a bit worried about the colors not blending right, but the more I filled them in, the better they got. HAED's never cease to surprise me! Now, if I could just get over the 5 o'clock shadow it looks like she's got, I'll be extremely happy!

Hopefully, I will get a chance to check everyone else's blogs this week and get a bit of work done on my little girl as well. Things will happen as they happen, no need to upset myself by thinking about it (which is Asper speak for if I don't think about anything, I don't have to deal with anything)! Besides, things will catch up to me soon enough!

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