Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ferg-id is alive and well!

I wanted to wait until I officially spoke to the neurosurgeon to tell you guys the news.

Ferg-id Quinn #1:
Fergid 1

Ferg-id Quinn #2:
Fergid 2

Ferg-id is not growing but is getting a bit denser (in layman's terms). So, I guess the good news is, no skull cutting. Bad news is it isn't the cause of my headaches which means the neurologist has been right all along and it's the stress from my job. Frankly, I think I'd rather have my skull cracked open, it would be a much easier fix. I've been fighting the neurologist for so long, swearing that my headaches had nothing to do with the stress from my job, but now I have to suck it up and realize he's right and things have to change, or I've gotta get a new job.

It's my fault that things are like they are, I've allowed them to milk me for every drop of blood I have, and I gave it gladly for the good of the company, but the longer I'm there and the less I see others doing, the more resentful I'm becoming. It's literally eating me alive. The new job is supposed to make life better (when it starts), but so far, things are getting much much worse. Tomorrow is a new day and, as of now, tomorrow will be way or the other. Now, if I could just stick to it...

Oh, and for those that don't know, Ferg-id Quinn is my left frontal lobe meningioma named after the three doctors I work for that make my life, in a word (or at least a nice word), difficult.


Miamina said...

I'm glad that it's not grown and not causing any serious damage.

I know it's not the answer to your headaches, but at least you now know what it causing them and it's up to you "put your foot down with a firm hand" :P It's far easier said than done but do your best to be firm and not let people take advantage of your good nature.

I hope your new job does make things less stressful for you.

BTW, love the cool images!

Maurice Mitchell said...

Cool images. Sorry you have to deal with that.

Mangogirl said...

Glad its good news. be strong.

Joysze said...

Ah man.... I'm sorry!!!! The new job is the daytime one yes? I know you're not looking forward to that much either, but maybe job wise it'll be infinitely less stressful...