Monday, July 30, 2012

Review time!

Got behind on tele reviews, so I'm gonna try to make it short and sweet. But first I need to vent a bit...I have to comment about how disappointed with Amazon UK I am. I always check the upcoming releases to see what's gonna strike my fancy next, but lately, it has been nothing but American shows. I don't buy from Amazon UK to get American shows, heck, I rarely buy American shows from Amazon US! Has British TV stopped making as many shows, have I bought them all up, or the British currently obsessed with American shows? Hopefully it's just the off season!

But on with the reviews, first up, True Love - a mini series in five parts which starred David Tennant and Billie Piper (which unfortunately weren't in the same episode). I truly have been anticipating this forever, and, as per usual with anticipation, I was completely disappointed! No even my beloved David could save it. Each story really doesn't end and there is a lot of being left hanging...just kind of reiterated my point that true love sucks (until I'm proved different that is).

Each part was an individual love story, David's was about a man who had the perfect wife and kids, until the true love of his life showed up and then he's faced to make a choice (I won't spoil the ending and tell you which he picks). Ashley Walters takes on the next love story, a man with a wife and new baby who falls in love with a woman he sees at a bus stop. Next up, Billie's story, a timid teacher unhappy in her romance with a married man finds her self falling for one of her young female students (yeah, a bit controversial that one). The fourth picks up with the married man Billie's character had the affair with and his wife, Jane Horrocks, as she meets someone who makes her realize that she deserves better than her husband. The final story follows David Morrissey, the father of the girl that Billie's character falls in love with, and his search for love online.

New Tricks, series 1-8...This was one of the first British series I bought, but just recently got series 3-8, so I could finish them. I do like it, but it isn't Midsomer Murders or Lewis. It's about a DS (Amanda Redman), who gets demoted because of an accidental dog shooting incident, to heading up a cold case squad composed of elderly retired detectives.

Finally, the best of the bunch (as well as the best in a while)...Treasure Island. Another one I was absolutely gagging for, and it definitely didn't disappoint! Just these two names alone made this worthwhile...Rupert Penry-Jones and Eddie Izzard! It was so impressive, I actually stopped stitching to watch it. T and I were at Wal-Mart today and they had an American copy of it, so I would definitely recommend it!


Kate said...

I saw an advert for a new TV show, its called Gates and has Tom Ellis and Joanna Page -mmmmm Tom Ellis.

Keebles said...

Yeah! Tom Ellis! Bout bloody time he got back on the tele!!