Monday, July 30, 2012

Just a quick note

I've had to up my comment security settings due to the high quantity of spam comments. I originally lowered it when Blogger changed to word verification (just because it's so bloody annoying) and because of the A to Z Challenge. At first, it really wasn't a problem, but now, it's just getting too bad. I've got it on the lowest setting, just for registered users, but since I don't see what you guys see on my comment section, I hope it's not too terrible! Sorry guys!


Kate said...

Just a quick note lol! I hate security settings! But thats ok, will perservere ;) I never get spam! They must have been warned about me :D
Great stitching by the way - the eyes look awesome.

Mangogirl said...

your settings are fine for me they don't stuff up my phone!

Vickie said...

No problem!!!