Monday, July 30, 2012

Just a quick note

I've had to up my comment security settings due to the high quantity of spam comments. I originally lowered it when Blogger changed to word verification (just because it's so bloody annoying) and because of the A to Z Challenge. At first, it really wasn't a problem, but now, it's just getting too bad. I've got it on the lowest setting, just for registered users, but since I don't see what you guys see on my comment section, I hope it's not too terrible! Sorry guys!

Stitch update

Got a lot done Thursday and again yesterday, but not so much today.

Thursday's work:


And today's:

I don't know how doing the black first is gonna work out, but I thought I'd give it a go. When I get to the lighter colors, we'll find out for sure. I'm also about to make my first blog post on the Stitching My First Heaven & Earth Design & Friends...wish me luck!

Review time!

Got behind on tele reviews, so I'm gonna try to make it short and sweet. But first I need to vent a bit...I have to comment about how disappointed with Amazon UK I am. I always check the upcoming releases to see what's gonna strike my fancy next, but lately, it has been nothing but American shows. I don't buy from Amazon UK to get American shows, heck, I rarely buy American shows from Amazon US! Has British TV stopped making as many shows, have I bought them all up, or the British currently obsessed with American shows? Hopefully it's just the off season!

But on with the reviews, first up, True Love - a mini series in five parts which starred David Tennant and Billie Piper (which unfortunately weren't in the same episode). I truly have been anticipating this forever, and, as per usual with anticipation, I was completely disappointed! No even my beloved David could save it. Each story really doesn't end and there is a lot of being left hanging...just kind of reiterated my point that true love sucks (until I'm proved different that is).

Each part was an individual love story, David's was about a man who had the perfect wife and kids, until the true love of his life showed up and then he's faced to make a choice (I won't spoil the ending and tell you which he picks). Ashley Walters takes on the next love story, a man with a wife and new baby who falls in love with a woman he sees at a bus stop. Next up, Billie's story, a timid teacher unhappy in her romance with a married man finds her self falling for one of her young female students (yeah, a bit controversial that one). The fourth picks up with the married man Billie's character had the affair with and his wife, Jane Horrocks, as she meets someone who makes her realize that she deserves better than her husband. The final story follows David Morrissey, the father of the girl that Billie's character falls in love with, and his search for love online.

New Tricks, series 1-8...This was one of the first British series I bought, but just recently got series 3-8, so I could finish them. I do like it, but it isn't Midsomer Murders or Lewis. It's about a DS (Amanda Redman), who gets demoted because of an accidental dog shooting incident, to heading up a cold case squad composed of elderly retired detectives.

Finally, the best of the bunch (as well as the best in a while)...Treasure Island. Another one I was absolutely gagging for, and it definitely didn't disappoint! Just these two names alone made this worthwhile...Rupert Penry-Jones and Eddie Izzard! It was so impressive, I actually stopped stitching to watch it. T and I were at Wal-Mart today and they had an American copy of it, so I would definitely recommend it!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Movies that I wished had sequels

Since I'm on a roll (or a nag, which ever way you want to look at it), what about movies that should have got their sequel but never did? I should warn you, some of my favorite movies no one has ever heard of!

The first one that always comes to mind is The Princess Bride. It's too late now, but what a great sequel that could have been!! "Mawwage, mawwage is wha bwings us togever today" could have been the theme, Wesley and Buttercup's wedding, which, of course, has to be interrupted by Prince Humperdinck and the Six Fingered Man (hey, if Indigo could survive all those sword wounds, why can't Count Rugan?).

And speaking of fairy tales, Ella Enchanted was another good one I'd like to see a sequel to. It wasn't a popular movie, but I loved it and Hugh Dancy is a total hottie (although they might want to keep his vocal coach for the singing!).

My all-time favorite movie is Gotcha (yep...never heard of it have you?). Anthony Edwards and Linda Fiorentino...he's a student who plays a campus spy game called Gotcha and ends up getting caught up in a real spy game in Eastern Europe. Bald or not, Anthony is still a hottie and I'd love to see them together now since she's still just as pretty (unlike some of her latter day counterparts).

Practical Magic...another one of my favorite movies of all time and I'm definitely NOT a Nicole Kidman fan. But they could have done so much with another one of those!! Maybe even a prequel with Stockard Channing's and Dianne Weiss's characters when they were younger...they made that movie for me! And I think that, other than Jason Patric, Aidan Quinn was the best on-screen chemistry that Sandra Bullock had).

Any of the holy trinity (and for those that don't know, that would be Pretty In Pink, Sixteen Candles, and The Breakfast Club). How cool would it be to see those casts all grown up and together again (hopefully with Andie married to Duckie!).

Grosse Point Blank...IMO, the best John Cusack movie ever. How the general population missed this gem is beyond me, but I'd love to see Martin Blank trying to not be a contract hitman! And how on earth could he have a real relationship with Debi? And of course you'd have to bring his sisters back, Joan as his faithful assistant and Ann as the drunk classmate!

The Covenant - OK, I know it is too late to put that cast back together, but they are even hotter now than they were then (especially Taylor Kitsch and Sebastian Stan) as well as built (not that they weren't in the Covenant), but now they have the added benefit of maturity, which is hot on any guy (now that I'm and old lady!).

Stigmata - Another bomb, but whoever thought of Gabriel Byrne as a priest should get an Oscar! A strange aside, but why is it that actors that play good priests, also always make great vampires? Ben Cross anyone? (I love Ben!) But anyhoo, Stigmata ended with the question will they or won't they and I'd like to see them...ahem. Of all the Arquette's, Patricia is the only one I ever liked anyway, so I would be OK with her getting Gabriel.

Speaking of Bruce Willis in Die Hard (see last post), he had quite a number of movies in the 90's that bombed, but I loved them anyway (you shocked?)...most notably Hudson Hawk and Striking Distance. Just thinking about the museum robbery scene from Hudson Hawk still makes me smile (and I have the mp3's of him and Danny Aiello singing on my ipod)! Yes, he and Andi McDowell in Hudson Hawk had about as much chemistry as him and Sarah Jessica Parker in Striking Distance, but who says they have to end up with the same girls in the sequels? (yeah, I know, I probably would get pissed off about it if he didn't). Bruce and Danny Aiello in HH and Tom Sizemore in SD were much better couples. Ever notice how Bruce has better chemistry with his male costars than his female? Must be why he's never done a successful romantic movie (at least none other than Moonlighting, but that was TV, and only because he fought with Cybil on and off screen - hatred makes great chemistry!).

Here is the farthest reach of all - The Pirate Movie: Now, you have to be of a certain age to even know what I'm talking about, but I absolutely love this movie (and yes, it's on my ipod too). It's horrible, and cheesy, and corny, and possibly has the worst actor singing ever, but one of the best love stories on film (yes, told you my view was skewed!), and who doesn't love a Pirates of Penzance adaptation?. It may be one of the best couples in movie history...Christopher Atkins and Kristy McNichol!

And I think I've exhausted the sequel soapbox quite enough for now, besides, I could probably go on forever about movies that I love that no one has probably ever seen, so a lot of good it's doing me (other than the vent-factor, which is always good for an Asper)! Have a good weekend everybody!

Official movie sequel soapbox dismount...for now...

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sequels that can't compare to the originals

So the last topic got me to thinking about the opposite...are there sequels that totally suck compared to the original? I'm not gonna even go into remakes, because frankly I HATE remakes, especially the ones from movies from the 80's! They make me feel horribly old (and that's a topic for another day).

The most prominent sucky sequel that comes to mind is The Blair Witch Project 2. When I originally saw the first one in the theater, I left laughing! I thought it was the stupidest movie I had ever seen...until I got home and tried to sleep. For the following two weeks, what little sleep I did get was with the lights on! So I changed my mind and it's now on my all time favorite horror movie lists! I've only been able to sit through it once since and didn't sleep that night either. But the sequel...ugh! What were they thinking?

A Fish Called Wanda is one of the best movies ever. Stellar cast, hundreds of amazing one-liners, just a great movie! Then the cast decided to all get together and make a sequel (which could have been cool), but what they ended up with was Fierce Creatures. It was almost painful to watch.

This one is gonna be controversial, but any Pirates past the first Pirates of the Caribbean - now, first off, nothing pisses me off more than a movie that ends in the middle of the story like 2 and 3 did, especially when you're not expecting it, but how they ended the Elizabeth Swann, Will Turner storyline should have gotten someone fired!! #4 makes the assumption that Jack Sparrow WAS Pirates, but I beg to differ and without Will and Elizabeth, definitely James Norrington (I just LOVE Jack Davenport, I bawled like a baby in his final scene!) and even a big honorable mention to Geoffrey Rush as Barbossa, there is no Pirates...sure, Jack Sparrow was great, but it was an ensemble that made it great, not Jack alone (despite the opinion of the masses). And Davy Jones was a much better villain than Blackbeard could ever be! Granted, Barbossa stayed, but playing a friendly along side Sparrow just didn't work.

And speaking of crappy kills...Young Guns II...ugh. I've only walked out of a theater twice in my life, the first time when Goose got killed in Top Gun (I so love Anthony Edwards and was only there for him anyway-Tom Cruise literally turns my stomach as much back then as he does now) and the second when they killed Doc in Young Guns II. How dare they! In the 80's Kiefer Sutherland was my god and I sure as heck didn't enjoy watching him take a million bullets! I have managed to sit through it once since, but never again. That was a sequel that could have been great, but wasn't meant to be.

The last Mummy movie - I love Brendan Fraser and #2-The Mummy Returns (The Scorpion King doesn't count) was absolutely amazing (and, if truth be told, #2 is my favorite), but that last one...whoosh! Talk about letting the air out of the hot air balloon (and anyone who has seen The Mummy Returns gets that). When Rachel Weiss couldn't make filming, it should have been delayed right then, but they didn't, and no storyline could have saved it. Brendan and Rachel are another movie couple who are wonderful together. How could they even think about replacing her and couldn't they at least find an actress that had even a tad bit of chemistry with Brendan other than Maria Bello? Not even the great Jet Li could have saved it and that man has single-handedly saved dozens of movies for me (Lethal Weapon 4 anyone?).

Any movie past the first Highlander...we won't even discuss the future remake (supposedly starring Ryan Reynolds - who I love, but he ain't no Highlander!). It's an 80's cult classic for good reason and it should have stayed that way. I never watched the TV show, but the sequel with the TV Highlander and the movie Highlander wasn't terrible, but still nowhere near the original. Bit of trivia, the director of the first two Highlander movies, Russell Mulcahy, also was the director of many of the the first great Duran Duran videos, including Hungry Like The Wolf, Rio, The Reflex, and Wild Boys!

I'm sure there are others...anyone have any thoughts?

Soapbox least for today...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Worst sequels of all time? Not for me!

The funny thing about having Asperger's is that things that bother the average person fall right off my back, whereas things that the normal person doesn't even notice can get me into the biggest tizz! Today was one of the tizzy days.

Before I start, I should add that the big movie kiss can make or break the movie for me. It can be the best movie ever, but if the kiss is bad, forget it! I should also add that I'm not an "actress" kind of girl either. I follow very few few in fact, I can narrow it down on both coasts...Sandra Bullock and Mandy Moore in the US and Dawn French and maybe Miranda Hart in the UK. That's it. Actors, on the other hand, are a plenty! I've sat through some pretty stupid movies for the sake of one particular actor (the remake of Fright Night anyone? Not even David Tennant could save that one!), but I just don't do that for actresses.

Enough Yahoo news today, there was an article about the worst movie sequels of all time (I warned you I get bent out of shape over the stupidest stuff!). Their top choice was Speed 2: Cruise Control. Now, that happens to be one of my favorite movies. Ever. Sandra Bullock had WAY more chemistry with Jason Patric than she ever did with Keanu Reeves (The Lake House anyone? That end kiss was like watching a brother and sister kiss! UGH!). There were also several others on the list that bothered me as well. So I started to check out other lists and started to get even madder. Speed 2 made almost every single list and was the top of most of them. Even Sandra herself said it was horrible!

But some of the others on the list bothered me just as well and once I did eventually calm down, I got to thinking about movie sequels that were actually better than their originals (and a lot of these were on the crap lists).

First up, Pet Sematary 2...come on? Seriously? How in the world this one ever made the list I will never know! Sure, it was possibly Stephen King's best book, but the first Pet Sematary movie was HORRIBLE! The second one starred two of my favorite actors Anthony Edwards and Clancy Brown (OK, so my favorite actor list is so long, that's not a special honor, but still), and a very young Edward Furlong. It's one of the few movies I can't watch in the dark even to this day! Clancy Brown can seriously be freaky when he wants to be!

And speaking of movies not watchable in the dark, A New Nightmare, probably about 8 or 9 in the Nightmare on Elm Street series. This one totally bombed as well and ironically starred the same creepy little kid that played Gage in the original Pet Sematary movie. I love horror movies, but the only horror baddie that has ever "scared" me has been Freddy Krueger. As a kid I had tons of nightmares about him! The thought that he could cross over into the real world just pushed me over the edge, and that's exactly what this movie did, brought Freddy into the "real" lives of Heather Langencamp (the original Nancy) as well as Robert Eungland and Wes Craven himself! Brilliant!

Another Stakeout - sure, the original was good, but the second one was hilarious! Why would it make a bomb list? After the second one I was surprised there wasn't more! Sure, Richard Dreyfuss and Emilio Estevez have great chemistry together, but throwing Rosie O'Donnell in the mix just made it really work, and ironically enough, this one was very little about the romance and more about the comedy/action, but I didn't mind so much it was that good (but then again, Madeline Stowe is another actress that grates my about botox gone wrong!).

Another Cinderella Story...I don't even know the fight with this one...the first one sucked. The second was WAY better and I don't even like Selena Gomez (but Drew Seeley is a whole other story!). Yes, the second one was more of a musical type thing, but hey, Drew Seeley was the actual singing voice of Zac Efron in the first High School Musical (as well as did the High School Musical tour), so it's to be expected. And considering that I'm a Disney freak...of course I love High School Musical in all it's incarnations (and not afraid to admit it).

Jaws 3D (Jaws 2 also made the list, but I don't remember much about that one) - again, seriously? A young, hot Dennis Quaid? Nothing sucky about that! I really didn't care for the first one. I thought it was slow. Yes, the movie is dated, but I am of the 80's generation, so dated isn't a problem for me. And yes kiddies, 3D has been around for a long, long time!

Every single Batman movie past the Michael Keaton ones - yes, Michael Keaton IS Batman, but the other ones that Tim Burton did were just as good. Don't get me started on the new ones, but Batman and Robin (which was also top of a lot of the crap lists) was really really good! I'm not a Clooney fan, but he's my #2 Batman and Chris O'Donnell had me at Circle Of Friends (and if you haven't seen that movie, definitely check it out! A very young O'Donnell, Minnie Driver, Colin Firth, and Saffron Burrows, it's a great movie).

And finally, Grease 2. OK, so it's not better than the original, but one thing I can say is that when I'm flipping through channels, if the first one is on, I keep flipping, if the second one is on, I'll watch it every.single.time. I don't know why, but there must be something. Comparing the songs from the first to the second is almost ridiculous, but I know all the words to the second just as well as the first! And who didn't love Maxwell Caulfield and Adrian Zmed back in those days?

One that didn't bomb, but is definitely better than the first is Die Hard 3 - Die Hard With A Vengeance. Two did suck, but at the time I didn't think anybody could beat Alan Rickman, Jeremy Irons proved me wrong. And what about the chemistry between Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson? A "sidekick" was just what he needed!!

Have a think about it...what movie sequels do you like better if any? Do you even bother with sequels?

Up next, sequels that don't even come close to the original, but for now, soapbox dismount!

Monday, July 23, 2012

IHSW results

It sure doesn't seem like I did much, but it sure felt like it! I'm gonna back up a bit and show a before pic:

Here's Saturday's finish:

And Sunday's:

Her face seems like its more squashed than it should be, but I really won't know until I get the framing finished. If only patience was a virtue of mine, it would be SO much easier!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

July TUSAL and stitch update

For this month's Ort jar pic...I decided to put my stitches in a sea of Stitches!

This will also probably be my last update before this weekend's IHSW, so here is my progress to date:

See ya'll on the other side of The International Hermit and Stitch Weekend!!

My favorite show of all time - a review

A few days ago I mentioned that Kate (from The Suddenly Kate Show and my online BFF), and I were discussing TV shows and she reminded me about a review I've been meaning to do for a long here we go!

First, I should give you a bit of background about my viewing habits - I don't typically watch shows while they are on, except for a very few notable exceptions, but instead wait until they come out on DVD and then watch the entire season or series all in one marathon running. Not only does this help me to satiate my very large and extremely voracious appetite for British television, but it also solves my major dislike of cliffhangers (or at least the episode to episode ones for the shows that are still currently airing).

But, like I said, there are notable exceptions...shows that are so important, I can actually "tolerate" the cliffhangers because I can barely wait the week out to see them. Once Upon A Time is my only exception at the moment (and trust me, it's not from a lack of trying...they just don't make TV like they used to!). What little American television I do watch, I typically just let them build up in my cue for several episodes before watching...True Blood, Haven, Warehouse 13, South Park, and Drop Dead Diva (when each is in season) are my current American shows (and probably the largest the list has ever been). And then there are the shows that I wait for the DVD's to come out: Supernatural, House, and The Vampire Diaries. But, throughout the years, there have been others on my "exceptions" list: ER and Kids In The Hall, just for a start, and the show I'm about to review, my favorite show of all time...Wings! One I never missed from week to week, for pretty much it's entire run.

Yes, you read that correctly, of all the British shows and the very few American shows I'm about to watch, am currently watching, or have already watched, the little spin-off from Cheers (which was a show I couldn't stand, BTW) has my undying loyalty! The only show that even today if I'm flipping through channels and it's on, I'll watch it everytime (and yes, it does still air). It's completely timeless, the humor and relationships being as funny and fresh now as it was then (even if the clothes and hair are a bit dated).

For those of you that don't know (or can't remember), Wings was a half-hour show that ran from the start of the 90's to almost the end of them (there were eight seasons in total). It stared Tim Daly (currently on Private Practice and still as gorgeous as ever), Steven Weber (who has done about as much Broadway as television and that list is pretty long), and Crystal Bernard (who hasn't been able to find success outside the show (which is a real shame because I absolutely loved her!) - unless you count the Single Santa Seeking Mrs. Claus series on the Hallmark channel). But even the supporting cast was a pretty strong who's-who list: Thomas Haden Church (Sandman from Spiderman, just for a start), Tony Shaloub (Monk anyone?), and Amy Yasbeck (who most people either know as Maid Marian from Robin Hood: Men In Tights, or the wife of the late John Ritter-who also played her run-away husband on Wings).

In a nutshell, Wings was the story of two brothers, Joe (Daly) and Brian (Weber) Hackett, who ran an airline on the tiny island of Nantucket along with their childhood friend Helen (Bernard), their ditzy mechanic Lowell (Haden-Church), and their retired airline stewardness now counter person Fay (played by Rebecca Schull). Throw in the down on his luck cabbie, Antonio (Shaloub), the Hackett brothers' business rival, Roy Biggins (played by David Schramm), Helen's annoyingly seemingly perfect sister Casey (Yasbeck), and a various cast of supporting characters, and it was definitely addictive television!

There were guest stars galore, like Tyne Daly (Tim's sister and one half of Cagney and Lacey) as Mimzy, the super-rich sugar momma who almost captured Brian, I've already mentioned John Ritter, who played Casey's husband, Laura Inness (Dr. Kerry Weaver on ER) as Bunny, Lowell's forever cheating wife, Craig Berko - who played an actor that Joe and Brian hired to horribly woo Helen to teach her a lesson, Abraham Benrubi (another ER vet) who was Roy's gay son (one of the first times I remember seeing a gay recurring character on television), David Ogden Stiers (MASH, and Dr. Jumba from Lilo and Stitch) as a horribly hateful conductor that isn't too impressed with Helen's cello playing, Debbie Reynolds (no CV needed) as Helen and Casey's mother, and who could ever forget William Hickey as the eternally annoying Carlton Blanchard and his equally annoying nephew Lewis (of course which could be none other than Gilbert Gotfried-Iago himself!).

Like (sorry Miriam Margolyes) any of you are surprised, the romance aspect of the show takes precedence and Joe and Helen are my favorite TV couple ever (as well as the definite best on-screen proposal ever)! Joe Hackett is my model for the perfect guy, and I still call my "Mr. Perfect" Joe (and he's about as fictional as Joe as well...yet another thing they have in common - but I'm always on the lookout for my "Joe"). So, for my review clips, the best example of pretty much the entire series in a nutshell (at least up to series 6), and better than any review I could ever give anyway, is the episode called "The Love Life and Times of Joe and Helen".

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Series 7 and 8 deals with life as married Joe and Helen Hackett and, just to give you a clue, it's definitely not the end of the show just because Joe and Helen get married...they come back from their honeymoon to find that Brian and Casey accidentally burned down Helen's house while having sex and that's only the beginning! They try to make "couple friends" (with the wife being played by Tim Daly's real-life wife at the time, Amy Van Nostrand), buy a new house and become "beach people", deal with the return of Davis as well as Casey's missing husband, and lots of other highjinxs!

Wings is also one of the few shows that had a proper ending, and that I won't give away, but it definitely doesn't leave things unfinished and the finale ends where the series began...and that's all I'm gonna say about that!

Joe and Helen, Brian, Lowell, Antonio, Fay and even Roy are as much a part of me and my history as Disney are, and that's saying a lot! No show to this day consistently kept me entertained from start to finish every single viewing, made me laugh, made me cry, but most of all, made me forget about the crappy day-to-day...and isn't that the purpose of a good show in the first place?

If you've never seen it or maybe even haven't seen it in years, then give it a go! You can now buy the entire series boxed from Amazon HERE, or you can get them individually (and yes, geeky me bought them as they were being released...but up until that point I had every episode recorded on VHS, commercials edited out, of course).

Just as an added bonus, for anyone who is fans of Tim Daly, he and his son did a series of webisodes called The Daly Show, and they are definitely worth a look-see (especially the last two episodes with Steven Weber...a mini Wings reunion of sorts!).

And that's it! My Wing's review/ favorite show of all time!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

IHSW time and an update

First up, I have been a horrible blogger lately! But I do have a good excuse-I managed to clock 40 hrs OT in the past two weeks. To say I'm worn out is an understatement. I finally get my stitching mojo back and I don't have time to stitch anymore. It's driving me insane!

I'm gonna try to do better this week, but I do have a small stitch update:
Granted, it's not very much of one for a weeks worth of stitching, but in case I do have another crap will be my last update before the International Hermit and Stitch Weekend this upcoming weekend:

So, for those who haven't done so's sign up time!

I'm also finishing up the 8th series of New Tricks, so another review is on the horizon! Kate, over at the The Suddenly Kate Show, and I were talking the other day, and it reminded me of a TV series I've been wanting to do a review of for quite some time. It's actually my favorite show of all time, and considering my almost exclusivity for British television, the fact that this particular show is my favorite, might just surprise you! But I will save it for another day.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Promised stitch update

Well, it took another 6 hrs, but I think I finally got the virus at work taken care of. I really hate it when my weekend gets screwed up! But anyhoo, here is the stitching update and I'm gonna post two because the first one was finished last Saturday (since I started Epic Mickey again last Sunday):


And the second one I did tonight.

As much as I hate doing one color because I get bored, it sure does go quickly. It's funny how stitching goes in batches...obsessively stitching one minute, and can't bare to look at it another, but it's usually when you want to stitch life kicks you in the bum!

I hope everyone has a good week and I'm gonna wish the same for myself!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

What a week!

The last couple have been crazy, but this one was MURDER! My I.T. duties have swamped me at work (on top of all my other ones), and it ended on a high note with one of the computers having a virus and the virus protection had been shutting off for heaven only knows how long and it was never reported to the I.T. department. We really need to come up with a better process for checking these machines. I just wished the time allowed for me to manually go around once a week and do all the necessary checks!

These people around here may use computers all day, but they know absolutely sod all about them!! That's gonna be my biggest struggle as a new I.T. specialist...dealing with these people! Maybe it's just me, but when I have to use something, be it an electronic device or what-have-you, I make it a point to know all I can about it BEFORE I operate it! Or is that just a girl-thing? Reading the instructions BEFORE you touch something new? Sure, once you're familiar with the territory, just scan the manual or read up on the latest innovations, but there still has to be that initial burst of learning, right? Or is that my Asper brain working again? Oh, why can't everyone be an Asper with OCD! Life would be so much easier!

Needless to say, I'm back at work today (and I never work weekends), to make sure it all still OK (which is why I have time to do at least one blog!).

I didn't get much stitching done this week because I started Epic Mickey (again), and could have finished it Friday night so I could get back to stitching, but I ended up at work until 6 am Saturday and when I finally got up yesterday, I didn't wanna do anything but look for Disney travel stuff online!

Hopefully, if I'm not here too long, once I get home I can stitch and post an update before the night is through!

On the diet front...had a bit of a setback (and only I could think of it that way). I've been working harder than ever to show my neuro that I am trying to loose weight. He said if I was at least trying, I was in a weight class high enough (and that's NOT a good thing) to be eligible for diet pills. Never in my whole fat life has any doctor agreed to give me diet pills! So, I tried my hardest, and when I went for my appointment Friday, I had done so good on my own, he wouldn't give them to me! Said I obviously didn't need them because what I was doing was working! UGH! I was brought up in the fast-food generation and this eating healthy sucks! I will NEVER get used to eating vegetables!

But I did want to drop a little figment (hehe...Disney people get that) of new knowledge on you. My friend Kate over at The Suddenly Kate Show has been doing quite alot of indie music reviews from bands in and around London, Manchester, and even Birmingham, so drop by her blog and give some of them a listen! You may find your new favorite band!! Not only has she got links to songs and videos, but she also has been able to interview band members as well through Twitter! She never ceases to amaze me!

OK, right, back to the grind...Hope everyone has a nice week (if I don't get around to blogging and/or reading blogs again this week), and we're in double digits now for Disney time!! Woo Hoo!! Because, in the end, all this work and struggle is just to support my Disney habit afterall, so bring on the next virus (OK...maybe not a virus, but some simple hardware matter, which is more where my area of expertise lies!).

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pages 6 through 12 done!!

I may have had a busy couple of weeks, but it seems to make me stitch like a madwoman!

I've also realized that copy cover paper is the only way to go when printing off I'm gonna have to get some before I can start Sleepy Hollow. It's thicker, stronger, doesn't smear the pattern, and doesn't bleed highlighters like regular paper.

Besides, I'm really looking forward to the new rows of my little Highland girl!

Had to update the title because I just finished the entire row, not just one page - it was pretty late when I posted!