Thursday, April 12, 2012

I have done it!

I should have never doubted my mad Disney planning skills! I have a schedule and every single dining reservation I wanted (even if some of the times are a little off!).

It was extremely touch and go because the online system wouldn't work, so I had to wait an entire hour until the phones were open, but I got a good cast member and we whipped through them quickly. Why do they even bother having that stupid online system? It's never worked right!

But it's all done now, so I have GOT to go to bed! Now, with my luck, when they announce the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party dates, it will totally throw EVERYTHING off! But I'm gonna try and not think like that!


Brinda said...

I used the online system the last time I visited. Then they had a glitch that year and all the reservations from a period of time disappeared. Did I hear you gasp from there? I thought so.

Mattysam said...

I never doubted you, though you did scare the hoohah out of Matt. He thought from the tone of your voice on the phone that you were stroking out or something and needed me to take you to the hospital ;-)

I explained that metaphorically you were stroking out but in the end all would be okay.

Keebles said...

How we've managed to shield Matt from our craziness all these years is beyond me! You are probably gonna be disappointed in the schedule...I'm not happy and I wanted to call you at 3 am so bad!! There are still problems.

Yep...thanks Brinda! Feel fab now! Just kidding! Trust me, my OCD self will be watching it 10x a day!!

Vickie said...

Online system worked find last time I went but I am always in a panic that it will screw up!

Mangogirl said...

oh I'm so glad that you got them all worked out!