Friday, March 23, 2012

TUSAL time

I figure that since any growth in my ORT jar was a figment of my imagination...then what a more fitting location for this months pic than in the corner of my Figment collection!


I made the mistake this week of bragging about a good day and those words have poked me, prodded me, kicked me, and generally made my life a living hell the rest of the week! That's what I get! I would say I won't make that mistake again...but more than likely I probably will!

So, in honor of such a "marvelous" week...and the fact that I'm still having "missing my daddy" issues (yeah, I know Am and T, let it go already!)'s a vid of my favorite band singing my favorite song in my favorite incarnation to perk me up. Markie has gotten me through many a bad night as well as Howie (in an entirely different way than Mark...sometimes not...sometimes they work together...I better shut up now, this is beginning to sound a bit risque, maybe I should have stopped at two glasses of Malbec! I am, of course, referring to their singing...or at least that's my public line of defense - no comments from the peanut gallery T-boo). I'm just kidding! I'm a kidder! (Who's mind is apparently in the gutter...product of my edu-ma-cation! I may or may not regret this post tomorrow! But without further ado:

Take That - Shine - Take That At Abbey Road Live

And for the Americans who have never heard of Take That...browse through YouTube and check out their catalog...this is how a boy band is SUPPOSED to mature and it's just a shame that this country is deprived of a great band, but hey, it means I don't have to share them!

Hey, while I'm at it, and the "daddy" issues are still plaguing about a little Said It All as well! Yeah...Take That Daddy-O!!


Anonymous said...


Your TUSAL is looking great.

I like Take That too!

Mattysam said...

TMI Kiwi...step away from the Malbec...

Mattysam said...

"Hey. Lets go ride Mission Space...I've always wanted to go up in the giant golf ball!"
-Yes, we actually heard someone say this...

Kate said...


Keebles said...

Hey had the same edu-ma-cation I did, so of course you'd think I meant something bad...if I didn't...or did...or not...and this is a Malbec free head!!

No, my favorite will always be, "yes kids, and that is Orson Wells narrating the Haunted Mansion"...never wanted to bitch-slap someone so bad in my life!!